Bull Riding To Stream Live On YouTube In 2012

Bull Riding On YouTube

Bull Riding On YouTubeIt’s probably not the first sport you’d think of when discussing live sporting event streaming on YouTube but it turns out bull riding will be coming to the world’s largest media repository in 2012.

YouTube revealed this week that the Professional Bull Riders(PBR) will be airing their events to more than 100 million worldwide fans and they’ll do it through live streaming on the video network.

Along with streaming of the actual bull rides viewers will also receive original programming, interviews with the riders, highlights from the current and past events and more.

Here’s the list of the first PBR events to be streamed live on YouTube: [Read more…]

The Future Of YouTube Is Streaming Video

The last 5 to 6 years have been amazing for video. Sites such as YouTube and Vimeo have set the standard for uploading and sharing video. Apple has embraced video and pushed downloadable content through the iTunes store. Netflix has moved in to the streaming video arena which has big content providers worried. The latest foray in to streaming video is likely to be YouTube as it treads carefully into new territory.

YouTube is taking on streaming live video through a new channel called YouTube Live which aims to bring more original content to the site and give users another reason to stay on longer. YouTube detailed the new feature in a Blog post:
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