Drew Carey Wants 1 Million Followers, Will Pay For Them


Drew Carey, or @DrewFromTV on Twitter, wants more followers. He also wants to donate money to Lance Armstrong’s charity organization Livestrong. So why not do both at the same time? If Drew Carey gets 1 million followers by December 31st this year, he’ll donate $1 million to Livestrong. And if he gets less? Well, it’s a buck a follower, so it’ll be money for Livestrong no matter what. Right now @DrewFromTV is at 73,814 followers, but that’ll probably change. [Read more…]

23andme Gives Sponsored Tweets a New Spin In The Name of Charity


23andme23andme, the biotech company co-founded by Anne Wojcicki AKA Sergey Brin’s wife, has given the topic sponsored tweets a new spin. According to Techcrunch the company has agreed to pay $1 for the first 500 tweets with both the hashtags #blamedrewscancer and #23andme.

#Blamedrewscancer is a Twitter campaign which went viral very quickly after Drew Olanof was diagnosticized with cancer earlier this year. Ever since then Drew started blaming his cancer for everything, also via Twitter. On 09.09.09 Drew organizes a 24hour Blame-A-Thon which is also sponsored by 23andme. All proceeds of the Twitter publicity stunt and the Blame-A-Thon will go to the Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong Foundation.