Foursquare Now Offering “Self-Serve” Business Pages

Foursquare logo

Foursquare logoOn Tuesday location based service Foursquare announced that they now have 500,000 free merchants using their system and today they have revealed that business pages are now a self-serve option that any business can utilize.

Business owners looking to utilize the system can sign up for a free business page using their Twitter account login, at which point they can choose to share check-ins and tips with their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The system also allows business owners to setup multiple manager accounts to expand their reach across different regions and even divisions of a company.

Before the new system was put in place the Foursquare development team had hand-code almost 3,000 brand pages for businesses. [Read more…]

Forecast App Sends Future Foursquare Check-In Notices To Your Friends List

Forecast App for Foursquare Users

FoursquareChecking in on Foursquare is a great way to let your friends know where you are at any moment, however if you plan on having them possibly meet you at those locations it could mean waiting around for an unspecified amount of time, that is unless you have the Forecast app which pushes out “future check-in” locations to your Foursquare friends before you even arrive on location.

The mobile application, once installed on your Friend’s Smartphones can also user push notifications so your plans are immediately revealed to your friends, alerting them to the best places to meet up with you at any given moment.

Since the program works in conjunction to Foursquare, users simply log onto the system using their Foursquare account [Read more…]

Groupon & Foursquare Create Partnership To Provide Location Based Deals

Groupon and Foursquare Deals Screen

Groupon and Foursquare Deals ScreenLocation based service Foursquare has teamed up with daily social coupon site Groupon to offer users daily deals in the Explore tab of the Foursquare application.

Offering daily deals through partners is nothing new for Foursquare which has previously teamed up with LivingSocial, Gilt City, AT&T Interactive, BuyWithMe and Zozi however the Groupon offers are by far the largest to grace the applications presence.

Foursquare plans to fully launch the program on Sunday which will see Groupon’s daily deals appearing next to their five other partners on a regular basis. The program is convenient since the deals are pulled in by location, which means a user visiting another city doesn’t have to reconfigure their favorite daily deals sites to find special offers each day.

As with their other partners Foursquare will give the mayor of each location a special deal on top of the Groupon deal, while the partnership will earn Foursquare a part of Groupon’s revenue for each deal they help close, making the partnership truly beneficial for everyone involved. [Read more…]

Colombia Pictures Teams Up With Foursquare For “30 Minutes Or Less” Campaign

30 Minutes or Less Foursquare Badge

30 Minutes or Less Foursquare BadgeColumbia Pictures has teamed up with Foursquare to promote their new movie 30 Minutes or Less with a new campaign that asks users to interact with the movie.

The program allows users to follow 30 Minutes or Less via the location based service and then check in at “movie-themed places” such as pizza parlors, banks, food trucks, screenings and of course movie theaters on opening weekend for the movie. As users check into the “movie themed” locations they will receive a 30 Minutes or Less badge and will also have the option of accepting special incentives from affiliated movie theaters.

Colombia Pictures also says that certain theaters may offer special promotional materials for users who check in during the movies opening weekend, although what those specials may entail are not known.

There’s also a cash prize incentive for people who take part in the promotion, users who unlock the 30 Minutes or Less badge can win a grand prize of $3,000. [Read more…]

Foursquare Raises $50 Million, Plans To Expand Product Line And Global Reach

Foursquare Logo

Foursquare Logo

Foursquare on Friday announced that their location based service has raised $50 million in new funding, bringing the company’s valuation to roughly $600 million.

Company CEO Dennis Crowley says the new money will be used to help the company “grown international” and “expand” their product line.

In an interview with the L.A. Times Crowley said:

“The thing that’s most exciting is that we think we’re inventing the future here a bit,” adding, “We’re doing things nobody has really done before, and to be able to raise this amount of capital will really allow us to look at the white board and accomplish the goals we have written up there — things we’ve been wanting to do for awhile now.”

The $50 million comes just after Foursquare announced they had passed 10 million registered users and then signed a deal to offer American Express customers discounts just for checking in at their favorite locations. [Read more…]

Foursquare and American Express Team Up For Discounts

Foursquare and Amex Partnership

Foursquare and Amex PartnershipLocation based service Foursquare announced on Thursday that they are teaming up with credit card company American Express to offer their base of more than 10 million users special discounts in an easy to access format.

To use the program Foursquare users with an American Express account simply sync their accounts together and then receive “check-in” discounts without the need to print or clip a coupon.

Since customers will only receive specials at locations where they check-in the program also means customers are not bombarded with sales items that they don’t want and will only receive specials when they choose to accept them by using the Foursquare check-in function. [Read more…]

Foursquare Reaches 6 Million Users, Brags About It With Infographic

Foursquare Infographic Header

Foursquare Infographic Header

I’m not a fan of location based services, in my opinion it’s an invitation for crooks to realize you’re not at home and then rob you while your at dinner. Also, my messages would show how pathetic I really am, “I just checked into my couch for the 50th time this week” would not make for the most interesting Twitter and Facebook updates.

On the other hand, 6 million users find location based services a big win with Foursquare announcing today that they now have 6 million mayor wannabees roaming around with their mobile devices and computers, checking in at every chance they get.

To go along with the company’s success they have created a chart that shows how they have achieved 3400% growth in a very short time. No that isn’t a typo, they have really grown by 3400 percent.

Here’s the Infographic cut up into each highlighted section: [Read more…]

Foursquare iPhone App Now With Photos And Commenting

Foursquare Photo and Comments - iPhone

Foursquare Photo and Comments - iPhoneFoursquare, the popular location based check-in service today announced the addition of photos and commenting capabilities for their iPhone application.

Using the new option you can now check-in at your location and attach a photo to that check-in place of origin. You can then add comments to your check-ins or to the check-in locations of your friends, creating for a more social experience.

The photo option will provide a prompt to add a picture as you use the service, much in the same way you are asked if you would like to add a “shout.” Foursquare users can also choose to add a photo after they check-in which is then added to that check-in details page, the same page where your check-in comments are hosted.

Your photos, just like your check-in locations will only be available to those you choose to share them with, such as your Foursquare friends or social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Comments on the other hand are only viewable and active for your Foursquare friend base which will help eliminate spam worries. [Read more…]

Brightkite To Focus On Group Texting, All But Abandons LBS


BrightkiteBrightkite was one of the very first location based services to offer check-in abilities, but on Monday the company announced that they were abandoning that service to focus instead on “group messaging” a field currently occupied by FastSociety and GroupMe.

Starting their mobile phones service in 2007, Brightkite billed itself as a way to discover new places, while keeping tabs on your friends. The company was responsible for creating the idea behind badges and even small rewards for people who checked in at various locations, sound familiar?

Speaking on their one-time ground breaking features, a BrightKite blog post stated:

“These features were the defining element to our company 2 and 3 years ago, but we no longer believe they are sufficiently unique or defining to be our focus, so we are dropping them.”

The newest offering from Brightkite will hit Android mobile devices this week and will provide groups, photos and location sharing.

[Read more…]

Foursquare Unveils New API After More Than A Year Of Development

Foursquare Apps

Foursquare AppsIt’s official! Developers now have access to Foursquare APIv2, the companies news developer tool which has been in the works for more than 12 months.

Under the new API Foursquare has removed XML calls, which in turn will speed up response times, while they have made OAuth2 available to allow for better security when users connect their Foursquare accounts to third-party services. Also included in the API are new endpoints that allow for badge fetching, venue history and venue popularity.

According to Foursquare:

“The foursquare APIv2 gives you access to all of the data used by the Foursquare mobile applications, and, in some cases, even more. Integrate checking in or viewing checkins into your application, build tools to help users use or visualize their own history, experiment with new ways of displaying badges, leverage our uniquely rich information about venues or do things we haven’t even thought of yet.” [Read more…]