Kraft Mac & Cheese Fan Powered Commercial Airs On Conan

Mac And Cheese Winning Tweet

Mac And Cheese Winning TweetOn Monday I reported that Kraft Mac & Cheese was prepared to take the best tweets they could find and turn them into commercials within 24 hours and last night the winner aired during a showing of talk show Conan.

The main winning Tweet, picked on March 27 comes to us from @U_kant_Be_Me and simply reads “Eating mac n cheese cause I cnt sleep.” With that ad, agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky featured two guys sitting on a couch as they slipped in and out of dreams while questioning which of their experiences was a dream and which were reality.

The rest of the winners, along with the Conan spot can be seen on the Mac & Cheese Facebook Page and feature the same type of quirky outcome.

Leveraging social media has become a popular was for company’s to interact not just through social networks in real-time but also through the power of video. You may recall during the Summer of 2010 when Old Spice hero Isaiah Mustafa answered fan tweets in rapid succession with hilarious results, those videos became internet viral sensations and helped push up sales of Old Spice products to a younger demographic.

Here’s the winning video: [Read more…]