Twitterrific vs. Tweetie: Twitter on the iPhone


Twitter was, quite literally, made for mobile phones. Its character limit was created in part to make the posting of tweets via text message possible and even very basic mobile phones can manage Twitter accounts and post tweets relatively well.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that, when you use a smartphone, such as an iPhone, that your mobile device becomes a real Twitter powerhouse, one capable of rivaling many desktop clients in terms of usability and features.

On the iPhone, two apps have emerged at the top of the pile, Twitterrific and Tweetie (though Twitterfon remains a highly-regarded free alternative). Both apps have their supporters and their detractors but both of them have turned into very powerful Twitter applications.

For the most part, the two applications mirror each other feature-to-feature, so, in order to compare them, we have to look a bit deeper at what distinguishes them. In the end, it is tough to say which app is the “best”, even though there are many people who one app will clearly fit their needs better. [Read more…]

Apple Goes Behind The Scenes At Twitter

Curios about what the Twitter office looks like? Then this PR profile article by Apple features both a slideshow video, a small photo gallery, and a bunch of Mac-centric text. The latter is really a bit over the top, with whoever did this article going out of his or her way to focus everything on the Mac brand and how important it is to Twitter. That being said, the video and photo gallery is worth a look if you’re into that sort of thing.

Belkin to launch GoStudio podcasting solution for iPod users

Belkin Podcast Studio

Belkin Podcast Studio

Belkin seems to love both iPods and podcasters, so it’s no surprise that one of their latest products is aimed at budding iPod-owning podcasters.

I took a look at a prototype of the Belkin GoStudio in London a week ago. The product is so new that a production model wasn’t even available, which is a shame as it sounds like a great product and I would like to have had a play with it.

A much cut down version of their four-channel TuneStage iPod recorder, the battery-powered unit will feature built-in microphone and various recording controls, as well as offering full integration with iTunes and other Apple software.

Belkin says that the audio quality will be “superior”, though you wouldn’t expect them to say anything less. What’s great is the price — expected to be around £80 (about $150). Expected to arrive, at least in the UK, in June.

(Via Tech Digest)

New Features In Mac OS X Leopard That May Help You Blog

For those with a Mac, you’ve likely read tons about the newest version of OS X, Leopard – or merely rushed out as soon as it was released and bought it – as I did. After playing around with this new operating system for a few days, I’ve already settled on a few features that will definitely help my blogging efficiency – in fact, I used some to write this post.

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