Hitwise Graphs The Oprah Effect On Twitter

We knew it would mean a surge of new visitors and users on Twitter when Oprah joined up. After all, the Oprah effect (originally coined for the power of her book club) is something of a phenomenon in itself, and a few days ago, Twitter got its share. So what’s the verdict? Hitwise knows:

Share of US Internet visits to Twitter increased 24% on Friday, April 17, the day of Oprah’s first Tweet. Comparing visits with the previous Friday, visits were up 43%.

More on Techmeme if you will.

British celebrities pile onto Twitter: beware the fakers

Twitter is getting some serious celebrity support in the UK at present, with a number of high-profile figures (mainly from popular TV and radio shows) now using the microblogging service.

The likes of Stephen Fry, Jonathan Ross, Russell Brand, Philip Schofield, Alan Carr and Andi Peters are definitely confirmed, while Adrian Edmonson, Rik Mayall and a host of others are either unconfirmed (by me, anyway) or are impostors (update: the “RikMayall” account is fake). (Apologies to non-UK readers who may never have heard of many of these names)

Therein lies one problem: plenty of people are happy to set up “fake” accounts and pretend to be a particular celebrity. Presumably it gives them some kind of buzz, and it’s much easier to fool at least a small number of fans online that in real life. [Read more…]