When Will Blogging Be Accepted as a Career Choice?


It really depends on whom you’re asking… your super supportive aunt?  Well, then it’s a great career choice.  If you’re asking your school guidance counselor or your conservative parents, it probably won’t go over too well.  Blogging certainly has the potential to be a viable career choice, but when will it be accepted by the general public as a career choice?

There are really 3 issues

1. Perceived minimal barriers to entry.

2. Most people don’t truly understand blogs and how they can be monetized.

3. The success rate of making a decent living isn’t very good.

Anyone can be a blogger.  While it’s not easy to earn a living as a blogger, it’s easy to become a blogger.  What do you really need?  A free or very inexpensive website and the application of your time.  Any career that has minimal barriers to entry is not going to be accepted by those that are more conservative.  Their belief is that you should have to go to school, receive training, and at least do something to earn the right or the experience/knowledge needed to become a blogger.  Blogging is a relatively new field. School and colleges are usually ten years behind the real world in terms of determining what training is vital to the workforce.  Many colleges only recently began offering degrees in Web Design.  I work at a high school in New York.  I have yet to see any teacher complete or attempt any lesson plans related to blogging.

The truth is, most successful bloggers are far more sophisticated in their blogging activities than those that fail.  [Read more…]

Why Having Multiple Blogs is a Better Strategy for Monetization


It seems everyone has a blog these days and you can most definitely find a number of them for any given topic, no matter how obscure it may seem. For some, blogging is a great way to express themselves online and for others, it is an ideal way to earn a legitimate income. (Why do you blog?)

There are many reasons one may choose to have multiple blogs online.

Multiple Interests – It may be that you have multiple interests and choose to have different blogs to express and monetize them based on different topics. For example many people have careers and hobbies, each of which is entirely different from the other. It could be website development and crocheting or perhaps plant care and business solutions. In both examples the interests are completely different allowing you to attract a different audience.

Easy to Rank
– Ranking a niche blog for a particular keyword is comparatively easier than trying to rank a general blog. As the niche blog will be more relevant in the eyes of search engines. [Read more…]