Make Money Blogging Using the Top 4 Contextual Ad Networks

Your AD here flat illustration

Your AD here flat illustration

While there are no shortage of bloggers all over the world, there is only a small percent who succeed in doing so. Even if you do observe the best blogging practices and have generated a substantial amount of blog traffic, it does not follow that you will achieve success by earning a living as a professional blogger.

The real measure of success as a blogger is what you do with the traffic you have generated. Visitors per se won’t rake in cash for you, which is why you need to devise a way that will allow you to monetize your visitors. One way of doing this is by setting up contextual ads on your blog.

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Turning Your Blog Into a Business with David Risley

Monetizing Blogs

Monetizing Blogs

David Risley got a very early start in the blogging world at a time when Google was a promising startup, and AOL CDs were still sent by the truckload. He’s managed to build a six-figure business, and currently shares the tools of the trade over at Blog Marketing Academy.

When did you first start blogging?

I started about 15 years ago, before blogging was even a word. It was a very manual process back then. Raw HTML files and the whole thing… but it was still the essence of what blogging is – writing and publishing articles. I got started as a technology blogger, and was motivated by a magazine article on how to build a website in 20 minutes or less. I thought that’d be cool, so I set up a basic site on my ISP’s free 5MB of web space they gave me. The rest is history.

What moment did you realize you could make money from blogging, and possibly generate a full-time income?

Back in the day, the idea of web advertising was kinda new. But, I began to see people with tech sites do it. For example, I had a chat with Anand Lal Shimp, from, way back before he was a big deal in the tech space. He was beginning to host some advertising on his site. At the time, I was on Geocities (remember them?), but I made the decision to move my site over to Pair Networks so that I could get rid of the Geocities “no advertising” rule. From there, I decided to pursue some advertising revenue with the site. [Read more…]

3 Web Startups to Help You Generate Cash From Your Blog


Blogging is more powerful than ever now, thanks to the might of social media. When you publish a good blog post, people Like it on Facebook, ReTweet it on Twitter, or comment it from Disqus. Often, you can find your blog post has spread quickly all over the social web. If you handle your online presence well through social media, you can develop an audience, and build your reputation in your chosen niches in a fairly short time.

So, is blogging just a hobby to you? Do you just enjoy sharing your thoughts with others? Or, would you love to turn blogging into a steady revenue stream?

So can only the top bloggers earn money from their blog?

You might feel envious of all those top bloggers. They have speech invitations, product endorsement offers, and even book contracts. It seems that there are numerous opportunities for them to earn money as a blogger. Should we face the fact that it is a privilege exclusively for the bloggers at the top of the pyramid? [Read more…]

All About HubPages – An Interview With Jason Menayan


This is an interview with Jason Menayan, the Director of Marketing at HubPages.

Q: For our readers that are unfamiliar with HubPages, why don’t you give them a brief description.

HubPages is a social content community where authors write about what they know and love, with over 900,000 topical articles (what we call “Hubs”) published by over 170,000 authors. The breadth of topics, vibrancy of our content base, and constant weeding out of substandard content ensures that great-quality content enjoys quick provisional ranking by the search engines, and a steady stream of revenue-generating traffic for years after publication. Our authors earn via Google AdSense and other advertising-/commission-based vehicles, with many earning hundreds of dollars a month on what they’ve already published, and more than a handful that are earning thousands every month. We’re the 57th largest site in terms of US traffic (according to Quantcast) and get more than 28 million visitors monthly. [Read more…]