Would Your Blog Benefit From a Tumblr?


Tumblr, recently bought by Yahoo, is one of the most popular micro-blogging platforms. The NBA has one, celebrities have them, and most importantly, your target audience more than likely has them. But would your blog and business specifically benefit from a Tumblr?

Do you share different forms of media?

If you are already regularly sharing different types of media, like photos, videos, and audio, then Tumblr would be an easy transition. You can set up auto-posting of your blog’s RSS feed and can post several different types of media, quickly and easily:


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Happy Birthday Dear Twitter, Happy 5th To You

Twitter Cake Logo

Twitter Cake LogoFive years ago today Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sent a simple message that would change the way many of us use social media. Dorsey simply typed and posted “just setting up my twttr” and now just five years later more than 30 billion messages of 140-characters-or-less have been sent and the company’s worth is quickly approaching a $10 billion valuation.

According to some analysts Twitter in 2011 will pull in $150 million in revenue, helped in part by current advertising options and with new technologies in the works or yet to be thought up.

But it’s not all a rosy outlook for the social network, Twitter has recently begun fighting against third-party app developers who have used their company API to build new Twitter platforms, deciding that they would rather control the way Twitter content is displayed, while capturing more of the revenue streams offered by the their own network. [Read more…]

Twitter Reaches 125 Million Users, 300 Thousand Apps

Evan Williams

Evan WilliamsTwitter may be a simple 140 character micro-blogging service, but apparently 145 million users (or at least accounts) can’t get enough of the service, using 300,000 various 3rd party apps to connect with friends, family, business partners and random strangers from across the web. Those are the official numbers released this week by company CEO Evan Williams.

As any follower of Twitter knows, of those 300,000 apps, Twitter has purchased quite a few third-party developed programs of there own, Evan justified those purchases by stating:

“We did iPhone user tests and confirmed that even though there was a plethora of third-party Twitter apps, people were having trouble finding and selecting one because none were called “Twitter.” This kept them from using Twitter at all. For this reason, we acquired Tweetie and turned it into Twitter for iPhone, complete with a new user sign-up experience.

We quickly understood that we were doing users a disservice by not having a great client on each of the major mobile platforms. So, we took a similar approach with Twitter for BlackBerry (developed by RIM) and Twitter for Android, which launched a new version this week.” [Read more…]

Can Tweetie (And Twittelator) Help Twitter Kill Off Old School Retweets?

Last month Twitter launched its new retweet feature in order to eliminate confusion and authenticate user quotes (as the copy & paste method was being exploited by spammers).

Although the new retweet feature solved the latter issue, it led to more confusion in the twittersphere as many users became upset at “seeing new faces” in their tweet stream. [Read more…]

iPhone: Tweetie 2 Launches And It (Almost) Stole My Heart



When I heard about the launch of Tweetie 2 on TechCrunch I immediately fired up the app store and downloaded this for the expensive price of 299 pennies.

After hearing glorious praise regarding Tweetie 2 I decided to play around with the app to see whether or not it would replace my current favorite tweet app of choice, Twittelator Pro.

After 10 minuets of exploration I quickly came to the conclusion that Tweetie 2 was the app for me—well, almost. [Read more…]

Tumblr Boosts Strong Community Statistics



Today, micro- or ADHD- blog service, Tumblr founder David Karp published very promising statistics for the free platform. According to Karp’s announcement Tumblr had more than 50 million visitors in July, 255 million impressions and averaged 650.000 post per day.
Numbers are disputed by Techcrunch and Quantcast ranks the service at 13 million visitors for July. Tumblr averaged 5000 new members daily in July. [Read more…]

A Friendfeed Extinction? Four Twitter Buyouts That Would Make Robert Scoble Cry


As any geek worth their salt knows, Robert Scoble is a huge fan of Friendfeed. Its not just the simple fact that Friendfeed aggregates all of ones sites via RSS into one place for your (even more) geekier friends, but rather that the conversations there are usually much deeper than what someone usually gets on Twitter.

Despite the fact that Twitter is a bare bones tool when compared against Friendfeed (at least feature wise), that could all easily change if Twitter decides to absorb five of its complimentary brethren which could result in Friendfeed’s irrelevance.

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Will iPhone 3.0 Make 12seconds The Next Big Thing After Twitter?



Regardless of whether you are an iLover or an iHater, all the geek groupies next month will be panting about Steve Jobs latest iDevice, also known as the iPhone.

While the latest features of iPhone 3.0 will take blogging to a whole new level (mostly thanks to copy & paste), it may be the hidden code underneath that will promote one iPhone app, 12seconds to super stardom. [Read more…]

Would You Tweet Spam Friends To Pay The Rent? (Be-A-Magpie)



Just when you thought you saw the last of the PayPerPost copycats (who reincarnated themselves into IZEA), it looks like another company wants to pay users to insert various ads within their Twitter stream.

(Be-A-Magpie) Advertisers create campaigns providing a message and some keywords. Matching twitterers are selected, costs are calculated based on # of followers and hotness of the topic. Ads will be blended into the message stream: 5 tweets, one ad, 5 tweets, one ad…

Ironically Be-A-Magpie seems to be following the initial footsetps of IZEA by not requiring users to provide disclosure or even warn twitter followers that the tweet is an ad (say for example by posting [SPONSORED] within the tweet). [Read more…]