Did Twitter Launch An Official iPhone App? Or Am I Seeing Double?

Not too long ago, Twitter mentioned that they were becoming uncomfortable with third parties using their trade marked names (like Tweet and of course Tweetie) within the name of their software.

While they were not implying that they were going to immediately unleash the legal hounds (aka lawyers) against those violating their trademark, they may want to require apps to post a disclaimer–especially when they use their official name. [Read more…]

iTwitter: A World Class App With A Half Class Feature (Push Notification)


If you are an RSS addict like I am, you probably stumbled across the news that iTwitter, an iPhone App created by @iConnect, had launched on the App Store.

Uttering those four magical words (push notification for twitter) many users downloaded the app before they had a chance to bump the price from free to $3.99 USD.

While the iTwitter app is impressive overall, its push notification feature may help underscore the need for the Twitter team to establish themselves as a gateway to Apple’s servers instead of the various Tweet clients out there. [Read more…]

Flickr Adds Twitter Support: Get Started in 2 Minutes

flickr2twitter.jpgFlickr has finally added support for Twitter, which means that you can send uploaded photos to Twitter using the Blog This link in the top right of the photo page on Flickr, or you can email photos directly to your Twitter stream. The URL gets shortened with the flic.kr URL shortening service, so you’ll see exactly what you’ll click on, and it certainly seems to work well enough. [Read more…]

The Friendfeed War Continues: Amigo Updates App, Challenges Buddyfeed For Domination (iPhone)



Despite getting rave reviews from bloggers like Scoble and TechCrunch, there are still very few iPhone apps available for Friendfeed. While six iPhone apps have appeared for Friendfeed, only half of them seem to have any active development upon them (at least where the quality is worth the price).

While Buddyfeed seems to have dominated the Friendfeed market (especially with the roll out of Buddyfeed 2.0), it looks as if they may have a new challenger on their hands by the name of Amigo.

Developed by David J. Hinson (of Summer Systems Management), Amigo reminds me of an app in eternal Fiesta, mainly because of its vibrant colors that do not leave one feeling totally relaxed. Priced at $2.99, Amigo costs about the same as Buddyfeed, although the app does have a few features lacking when compared against is main rival. [Read more…]

Reviewing the Reviewers: The Blog is Alive and Kicking

The New Yorker’s Malcolm Gladwell reviewed Chris Anderson’s most recent book, Free!, and it is an interesting read (with commentary across the web). Just like Anderson’s response on his own blog.

Welcome to the era of blogs, where reviews can be applauded, questioned, and picked apart not only by the masses (aka the readers), but also by the publishers and producers.

It used to be a straight forward thing, reviewing a product. Not anymore, because when anyone can publish a commentary on their own ground (aka the blog), it also means that reviewers suddenly find themselves being constantly reviewed. [Read more…]

iPhone: Twittelator Pro Makes Tweet Casting Possible (Audio And Video Now Included)

It seems that not a week goes by without something interesting happening within Steve Jobs playground (i.e. the iTunes App store). The same could be said for the numerous twitter apps, especially now with Tweetdeck hitting the scene (which TechCrunch has a glorious review of).

While most Tweet apps like Tweetie, Twitterfon, etc. support image uploading (via services like Twitpic and TweetPhoto.com), Twittelator goes one step further by allowing users to attach an audio message or even video to their tweet, a feature that may not make the mullahs in Iran very happy. [Read more…]

TwitPub: Future Fail Whale Or Ingenious Tweet Business Model?



Despite Twitter’s lack of a business plan, many third party clients are still trying to figure out a way to generate revenue from the service.

While giants like Dell are able to generate $1 million by linking to their products, others are attempting to lure “tweeple” by advertising products on ones account to the point of spamming your followers to death.

TwitPub has a different model where instead of sending out random links that your friends could care less about, they are encouraging users to provide a subscription service similar to the Wall Street Journal. [Read more…]

INQ plans Twitter-friendly mobile phone launch later this year

Mobile phone manufacturer INQ is planning to launch a mass-market mobile phone with a built-in Twitter client, based on the increasingly mainstream interest in the microblogging service.

The pre-installed Twitter client would be Internet-based, rather than relying on SMS text messsaging to send and (restrictively) receive tweets.

INQ claims that, because the phone would cost operators less than $140, it will become the first mass-market phones to have such a client. Presumably the iPhone and other popular smartphones which can have one or more Twitter clients installed don’t count. [Read more…]

Plurking to 100 Karma .. and then what?

Microblogging service Plurk may not be as popular as Twitter, but it does have a strong presence in South East Asian countries, and has even been banned in China.

What sets Plurk apart is the Karma system that rewards users with new emoticons and features the longer they use the service. It has hit that point since Plurk’s launch last year where more and more users have reached the 100 Karma cap. This is essentially a reward in itself, as once you cap 100, your Karma no longer goes down (apparently Karma decreases when you leave the service untouched for a period of time).

I did send an email to the developers asking if there’s anything beyond 100 points of karma, but alas I failed to receive a response after they told me to send the questions over. It’s been weeks.

The rollout of rewards for increasing your karma includes being able to change your theme CSS layout, a ton of new emoticons, and being able to embed photos and video on your timeline. I just think that after all that, there needs to be a nice reward that culminates such an innovative feature.

Plurk Gets Realtime Search

The microblogging service Plurk is living a quiet life in the shadow of the all-powerful Twitter. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t being developed, in fact, Amir Salihefendic just announced the addition of realtime search to Plurk. Yes, Twitter has already got that, but Plurk takes it one step further by indexing every plurk ever sent (50 million or so), as opposed to Twitter’s past 2 months. Nice.