Christmas Comes Early: Purchase BlogPress And Get Byline For Free? (iPhone Apps)



It looks as if Byline (a popular iPhone app for Google Reader) and BlogPress (the unofficial iPhone app for Blogger) are teaming up for the holidays by offering users the chance to download one of their respective apps for free after purchasing the other application on iTunes. [Read more…]

Should Google Declare Blogpress As Their Unofficial iPhone App For Blogger?



With the iBlogging wars still raging on in Steve Jobs back yard, a few iPhone apps are beginning to carve up the market based upon blog platforms.

While Automattic and Six Apart have created WordPress and TypePad apps, respectively, Google may want to consider annointing BlogPress (an iPhone app created by CoolLittle Things) to represent them before the Blogger masses.

Although there are other iPhone apps that can connect with BlogSpot blogs (such as LifeCast, BlogWriter and iBlogger), BlogPress’s latest update may make it the strongest contender for the hearts of Blogger fans everywhere. [Read more…]

Perez Hilton Goes Mobile

In an effort to spread the celebrity news/filth/funniness even further, Perez Hilton is launching a mobile site. You can visit it in your browser if you’re curious. Basically, it’s a trimmed down version of the regular Perez Hilton blog, and obviously something the readers have been craving according to Hilton in a press release. He’s partnered up with Crisp Wireless, who are thrilled by the prospect:

“We are extremely excited to team up with Perez Hilton as he extends his global status into the mobile web, said Boris Fridman, Chief Executive Officer, Crisp Wireless, which hosts the mobile site and provides the ad serving platform to BlogAds. Perez realizes that mobile phones, Blackberries and iPhones are practically the lifeblood of the celebrity world and everyone that follows it. Without them, they feel totally disconnected. By tapping Crisp Wireless and BlogAds, Perez’s insights and information will be readily available by mobile. His mobile web presence should equal or surpass the success of his online site.

If you want to go mobile with your blog, just like Perez Hilton does, you could use a service like MoFuse. It’s not even difficult to do.

Game Changer: Raises The Bar (For iPhone Blogging)


I think I have just seen the future of iBlogging–and behold it looks glorious.

Called, this iPhone app was created mostly by Igrick (with some design help from Damper and Igor-Safonov) of CosySoftware, (note: link is not working as of this post) who comes from the frozen nation of Russia.

Although this app is specifically limited to LiveJournal, CosySoftware’s ingenius approach to blogging on the iPhone may force every other iBlogging app to copy their features (whether they choose to connect to LiveJournal or not). [Read more…]

Is iBlogger The iPhone App We Have Been Waiting For?


While some iPhone blogging apps target a certain blog platforms or even all of them (with varying results), iBlogger, an iPhone app designed by illumineX has introduced some really cool features that I found to be missing from even the official blogging apps such as WordPress and TypePad.

Even though Xanga, SquareSpace and Drupal fans will probably be excited that there is an iPhone app that can (finally) connect to their respective platforms, users of the traditional platforms (Blogger, TypePad, WordPress) may wonder why they should spend 999 pennies on an app when there other (cheaper) alternatives around.

So if you are sitting on the fence, wondering if losing $10 is worth the joy of another iPhone app, this review below is for you. [Read more…]

ShoZu: One iPhone App To Rule Them All? (Review)


If there was one company determined to dominate the mobile blogosphere, it would have to be ShoZu. Connecting with almost 350 different mobile devices, ShoZu is enabling bloggers (regardless of their phone type) to post from their phone (and away from their computer).

But what sets ShoZu apart is not how many mobile platforms one can blog from, but rather how many blog platforms one can blog to.

ShoZu connects to not only the traditional platforms (such as Blogger, TypePad, WordPress, LiveJournal, and Windows Live Spaces) but also the unfamiliar (like Netlog, freewebs, Multiply and even Six Apart’s

While ShoZu has always had an iPhone app for users to test out since the birth of the app store, I decided to give it a second look after hearing about the numerous improvements regarding this iPhone app (with most of them being positive). [Read more…] And SixApart Take Note: BlogPress Is About To Steal Your iThunder


Despite providing powerful platforms for their users, both (owned by Google) and Six Apart seem to be rather slow when it comes to creating apps for the iPhone. 

While SixApart has provided an iPhone app for Typepad, they have yet to develop anything for MovableType, leaving the field wide open for third parties.

One company from China however is taking advantage of this opening, by creating a powerful iPhone app for not only the “big three” (Blogger, MovableType/Typepad, WordPress) but for MSN Live Spaces as well.

Called BlogPress (which was previously highlighted by Andy), this app was developed by CoolLittle Things, who ironically encountered some resistance (note: english translation over here) submitting their app to the iTunes store.

But with BlogPress costing a whopping 999 pennies (or about $10 USD), BlogSpot and MovableType fans may wonder whether purchasing this app is worth it.

So instead of spending potential gas money (or even lunch), you might want to check out the review below to see if this iPhone app is worth spending money on. [Read more…]

WordPress Vs. BlogWriter (Battle Of The iPhone Apps!)


For those of you who belong to the WordPress faith, you may be surprised to hear that there is a second iPhone App on Apple’s favorite phone.

Called BlogWriter, this iPhone app was developed by VirtueSoft, who charges everyone a steep $10 in order to be privileged to use it.

But with WordPress providing a free alternative, the question remains: is BlogWriter worth it? [Read more…]

MoFuse Integrates WordPress Comments, Adds YouTube Support

MoFuse, the service that makes your site mobile friendly, announced an interesting array of news via e-mail today:

  • Improved recommendation engine
  • WordPress comments integration
  • YouTube video transcoded to mobile-friendly format

The first one on the list isn’t something I personally care about, MoFuse got this recommended reading links at the end of mobile pages, if you enable it, so that readers will find more content in the mobile web. However, the integration of WordPress comments, and automatic transcoding of embedded YouTube videos are interesting news.

Check out MoFuse if you want to have a mobile version of your site.