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May 23, 2011

Path Network Announces “Stacks” Proceeds To Sort Your Photos For You

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Path Logo and SloganMobile social networking company Path on Monday announced a new feature which helps users auto-sort their photos for easier in-depth browsing.

Known as “Stacks” the new program arranges each users uploaded photos by “people, places and things” using the users own tags as the blueprint for that organization.

Once organized the three most popular tagged topics in each of those three categories are then displayed on the users profile then simply tap on a stack and the photos inside of it are revealed in a standard photo album setup.

As an example, if you take a vacation to Las Vegas one of your “Places” stacks might realize three photos from “Las Vegas” making it one of your more popular tags and therefore creating a “Las Vegas” stack.

The program is self-learning which means you can go back to Las Vegas three or four times and your Vegas stack will continue to update with more photos from Las Vegas as long as you tag those photos with that “Las Vegas” term. read more

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