iPhone: Tweetie 2 Launches And It (Almost) Stole My Heart



When I heard about the launch of Tweetie 2 on TechCrunch I immediately fired up the app store and downloaded this for the expensive price of 299 pennies.

After hearing glorious praise regarding Tweetie 2 I decided to play around with the app to see whether or not it would replace my current favorite tweet app of choice, Twittelator Pro.

After 10 minuets of exploration I quickly came to the conclusion that Tweetie 2 was the app for me—well, almost. [Read more…]

iTwitter: A World Class App With A Half Class Feature (Push Notification)


If you are an RSS addict like I am, you probably stumbled across the news that iTwitter, an iPhone App created by @iConnect, had launched on the App Store.

Uttering those four magical words (push notification for twitter) many users downloaded the app before they had a chance to bump the price from free to $3.99 USD.

While the iTwitter app is impressive overall, its push notification feature may help underscore the need for the Twitter team to establish themselves as a gateway to Apple’s servers instead of the various Tweet clients out there. [Read more…]

The Friendfeed War Continues: Amigo Updates App, Challenges Buddyfeed For Domination (iPhone)



Despite getting rave reviews from bloggers like Scoble and TechCrunch, there are still very few iPhone apps available for Friendfeed. While six iPhone apps have appeared for Friendfeed, only half of them seem to have any active development upon them (at least where the quality is worth the price).

While Buddyfeed seems to have dominated the Friendfeed market (especially with the roll out of Buddyfeed 2.0), it looks as if they may have a new challenger on their hands by the name of Amigo.

Developed by David J. Hinson (of Summer Systems Management), Amigo reminds me of an app in eternal Fiesta, mainly because of its vibrant colors that do not leave one feeling totally relaxed. Priced at $2.99, Amigo costs about the same as Buddyfeed, although the app does have a few features lacking when compared against is main rival. [Read more…]

iPhone: I’ve Fallen In Love With Google Reader Again (Thanks To RSS Flash G)


Ever since the birth of Twitter (and the various Twitter Apps like Twitterific, Tweetie and Twittelator), I have had a falling out with reading news via Google Reader, due to the fact that I could only share items with my fellow gReader geeks (and not my Twitterholic buddies).

While hooking up my Google Reader account with Friendfeed helped solve this issue, I always loathed the “RSS delay” which resulted in 10 tweets posted at once, instead of tweeting whenever I discovered an interesting link.

Thanks to an iPhone app by Ebisu Soft called RSS Flash G, I can easily share interesting links directly with the twitterverse, as well as my Google cultic friends on gReader.

While RSS Flash G does have a limited free version available, you might want check out this review of the Good, the Bad and the Buggy before deciding to part ways with 299 pennies. [Read more…]

Twittelator Pro: The iPhone App For Jedi Masters (On Twitter)



As any twitter guru familiar in the ways of the tweet will tell you, not all Twitter apps are created equal.

While some Twitter apps come with fancy layouts or simple UI’s (such as Twitterific and Tweetie), very few premium apps match the power of Twittelator Pro (an app developed by Stone Design).

While fans may accuse me of being a Dark Lord for not embracing their favorite Twitter client (like Twitterfon), here are a few (okay five) reasons why Twittelator Pro may be worth spending money on against it’s premium rivals. [Read more…]

Will iPhone 3.0 Make 12seconds The Next Big Thing After Twitter?



Regardless of whether you are an iLover or an iHater, all the geek groupies next month will be panting about Steve Jobs latest iDevice, also known as the iPhone.

While the latest features of iPhone 3.0 will take blogging to a whole new level (mostly thanks to copy & paste), it may be the hidden code underneath that will promote one iPhone app, 12seconds to super stardom. [Read more…]

What Blog Recession? How iRetouch Saved Me $697



If you were to take a quick survey of photo editing software, you would probably discover that most probloggers use Photoshop, a powerful program that allows you to manipulate images to your hearts content.

While Photoshop is probably unrivaled in its domain, purchasing it can set you back $699–and that’s on the low end (as the full version costs $999).

Since many bloggers may prefer to spend $700 on a new laptop (that is if you are a fan of Microsoft), they may instead want to check out a new iPhone app from iMapl called iRetouch (who created Magic Touch not too long ago). [Read more…]

“Google Gears” Plus gReader Plus iPhone Equals BoltReader?


If there ever was a Google Reader app that allowed you to view your entire feeds offline, BoltReader would be it.

Created by what appears to be a small nimble team (note: they did not respond to my inquiries), BoltReader seems to be the first Google Reader iPhone app that allows you to view both text and images offline, without having to rely upon a third party service like Instapaper.

Users may also fall in love with BoltReader’s user interface, which seems to blend the traditional folder view with the “river of news” layout. [Read more…]

iNews: The Bug Free gReader iPhone App


Of all of the iPhone apps that I have purchased, beta tested, or inherited from Apple, iNews is probably the first bug free app that I have encountered.

Created by Gudang Data Informatika (from Indonesia), iNews is yet another gReader app that follows the “keep it simple” mentality, sporting bare bone features such as starring articles, landscape mode and emailing your favorite posts to your friends.

Even though the app was not as powerful as Byline (or even the mighty Feeds app), iNews did have a few features that I did enjoy. [Read more…]

A Close Encounter With Readello (Google Reader iPhone App)


Created by the Acceletron Corporation, Readello could best be described as a “mellow gReader app” whose simple layout will cater to users unfamiliar with RSS readers in general (at least on their iPhone/iPod Touch).

Although it may not be as advanced as Byline, Doppler or Feeds, Readello does offer some of the basic functionality for Google Reader (such as starring, natural folder view, etc.).

Costing only a $1 (note: it use to be $4), Readello offers users an inexpensive way to view their Google Reader feeds without breaking the bank. [Read more…]