The gReader War Continues: Feeds Vs Byline Vs Google Reader Web App (iPhone)



If there was any iPhone app out there with the potential of dethroning Byline as the gReader champion, it would have to be Feeds.

Developed by Prime31 Web Design, Feeds introduces a number of features absent from the competion, including one feature missing from the mighty Google Reader web app itself (which will be detailed below).

Although its name may sound generic (at least compared to names like Gazette, Byline and Doppler), the Feeds app is far from bland and may end revolutionizing not only the gReader apps, but other RSS apps as well. [Read more…]

Gazette Vs Byline (Battle Of The Google Reader iPhone Apps)



If one were to strip most of the eye candy away from Byline, they would probably end up with an app like Gazette.

Developed by Matt Rajca, Gazette offers users a distraction free layout that focuses on keeping things simple for the Google Reader addict.

Being relatively priced at $2, some users may wonder whether it would be better to invest their spare change in Gazette rather than spend the extra cash on Byline (which currently costs $5).

So instead of purchasing both apps (and making Steve Jobs richer) here is a brief review of how Gazette stacks up against Byline (with an excel spreadsheet link below comparing Gazette against not only Byline but the gReader web app and Doppler as well). [Read more…]

Battle Of The Google Reader Apps (There Can Be Only One)


Update (3/9): Please read the last two paragraphs below for an update about these reviews.

Many, many moons ago in a blog post not so far away their were only handful of iPhone apps for Google Reader.

While most apps took the import only route, only two apps (Byline and Doppler) embraced bidirectional syncing, freeing gReader fans everywhere from dependence on the Google Reader web app. [Read more…]

Google Analytics App On My iPhone?


Google Analytics, a powerful traffic stats tool used by many bloggers now has an iPhone app thanks to the code gurus over at Zap Bang Done.

Called Analytics Pro, this iPhone App allows users to easily view their graphs, charts and “geo-maps” without having to log into your computer.

Since some might consider this app to be rather pricey (as it’s currently on sale for $3.99), here is a brief review of this app (revealing it’s glory as well as it’s short comings). [Read more…]

Must Have iBlogging Apps: GrandDialer And Fring


One of the reasons I love VoIP technology is the fact that it allows bloggers to interact with readers, companies and (if you are lucky) conduct phone interviews–without using up any of your minuets.

Although there are many VoIP services out there, the one that I have come to love the most is GrandCentral (a VoIP service owned by Google), as it allows you to embed a button on your blog, giving your readers (and potential advertisers) an extra option to contact you directly without revealing your mobile number (or even theirs, which is great for anonymous tips).

Despite the fact that Google has not (yet) created an iPhone app for GrandCentral, a third party company called GGT Enterprises has developed a free iPhone app called GrandDialer which basically gives iPhone users “unlimited” calling (regardless of their plan)–as long as they live in the US of A (more on that below).

Since GrandDialer (through GrandCentral) may not appeal to many international readers, I have included a brief overview of another iPhone app called Fring below. [Read more…]

Must Have Blogger iPhone App: SaiSuke (For Google Calendar)


Unless you desire to have your blog looking like a fail whale, you have to find ways to schedule blogging into your life.

Google Calendar has been an asset for me (as far as scheduling goes), but unless I received a strong signal for my iPhone, the Google Calendar web app was entirely useless (at least on AT&T).

Fortunately I discovered an iPhone app called SaiSuke (from Say Software) which allowes me to sync to Google Calendar (both ways) over the air without touching Outlook or iTunes.

Since this iPhone app is rather pricy (at around $10), you may want to check out the review below to decide if this app is worth skipping lunch at a restuarant (and just brown bagging it for a day). [Read more…]

Byline 2.0: The iPhone App For Google Reader Freaks


Among the dozen plus iPhone RSS apps out there, Byline (an iPhone app developed by Phantom Fish) separates itself from the pack in two ways: its steep price (at $10) and its ability to flawlessly sync with Google Reader.

(Update: Milo of Phantom Fish contacted me with some good news regarding the price. See the bottom of the post for details.)

While version 1.0 left me underwhelmed (and $10 poorer), Byline 2.0 (which is currently awaiting Apple’s approval) pretty much destroyed every reason for me to even keep the Google Reader web app on my home screen–or even consider defecting towards the competition. [Read more…]