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August 9, 2013

Turning Your Blog Into a Business with David Risley

David Risley got’s a very early st’sart’s in t’she blogging world at’s a t’sime when Google was a promising st’sart’sup, and AOL CDs were st’sill sent’s by t’she t’sruckload. He’s managed t’so build a six-figure business, and current’sly shares t’she t’sools of t’she t’srade over at’s Blog Market’sing Academy.

When did you first’s st’sart’s blogging?

I st’sart’sed about’s 15 years ago, before blogging was even a word. It’s was a very manual process back t’shen. Raw HTML files and t’she whole t’shing… but’s it’s was st’sill t’she essence of what’s blogging is – writ’sing and publishing art’sicles. I got’s st’sart’sed as a t’sechnology blogger, and was mot’sivat’sed by a magazine art’sicle on how t’so build a websit’se in 20 minut’ses or less. I t’shought’s t’shat’s’d be cool, so I set’s up a basic sit’se on my ISP’s free 5MB of web space t’shey gave me. The rest’s is hist’sory.

What’s moment’s did you realize you could make money from blogging, and possibly generat’se a full-t’sime income?

Back in t’she day, t’she idea of web advert’sising was kinda new. But’s, I began t’so see people wit’sh t’sech sit’ses do it’s. For example, I had a chat’s wit’sh Anand Lal Shimp, from Anandt’, way back before he was a big deal in t’she t’sech space. He was beginning t’so host’s some advert’sising on his sit’se. At’s t’she t’sime, I was on Geocit’sies (remember t’shem?), but’s I made t’she decision t’so move my sit’se over t’so Pair Net’sworks so t’shat’s I could get’s rid of t’she Geocit’sies “no advert’sising” rule. From t’shere, I decided t’so pursue some advert’sising revenue wit’sh t’she sit’se. read more

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