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May 12, 2009

Nothing To Blog About: Leave, Quit, Stop

Nothing to blog about article series logoThat’s right. Leave. Get out of here. If you got nothing to say to the world through your blog, leave, quit, stop. Get away from your desk, your computer, your office, your home, your life. Go away.

Not forever, just long enough to clear your head and mind and find your creative juices again.

As part of this new series called Nothing to Blog About, we’re looking at the various ways your blogging creativity can be temporarily dried up and plugged up, and how to break the dam. My first recommendation is for you to leave your blog for a vacation. read more

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December 3, 2008

Ever Felt Like Giving Up Blogging?

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Unfortunately blogging is not always fun. Things go wrong, people attack you for no good reason, and there are hackers and comment spammers to deal with too.

But if we want to get the fun and rewards out of blogging, sometimes we need to ride over a few speed bumps along the way. read more

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