Movabletype Offering An iPad For Themes?


In order to help increase the availability of high quality themes, it looks like the boys and girls at Six Apart are launching a contest for template designers, with the lucky 2nd place winner receiving a 32 GB iPad (Wifi of course).

Guess what the winner receives?

We are welcome [sic] that you to join and win Movable Type Theme Contest 2010. Movable Type 5 allows you to create and share your innovative web design by a single theme file. There are thousands of beautiful websites build upon Movable Type 5 already, and now it’s time to spread and share your achievements ! […]

The winners of the contest will be determined by the contest judges. Each winner will receive:

  • 1st place : Adobe Creative Suite 5 Web Premium
  • 2nd place : iPad Wi-Fi (16GB)

(Movabletype Community Blog) [Read more…]

Did BlogPress Spank WordPress And Six Apart On The iPhone?



If it were not for the WordPress iPhone app’s ability to moderate comments, I would seriously consider deleting it right now.

BlogPress, an iPhone app by CoolLittle Things has recently updated their app which now supports direct image uploading to WordPress and Movabletype blogs, instead of uploading them to Picasa Web Albums like before. [Read more…]

Should Your Blog Be on Tumblr?



If you’re looking to set up a new blog or revamp an old one, you’re probably looking at the standard platforms, WordPress, Blogger, MovableType, etc.

However, depending on the type of site you wish to set up, you may want to give Tumblr a second look. Though Tumblr isn’t right for every blog, for certain kinds of sites, it can be a very powerful time-saver and traffic-builder.

So even though it is easy to discard Tumblr as “just a microblogging service”, it’s important to not dismiss it so quickly. Underneath the veneer of microblogging service lies a powerful blogging platform that is more than adequate for some of the many popular blogs, including Keyboard Cat and Gary: Landlord of the Flies.

But is it right for your blog? That’s a question only you can answer but here might be some good signs to consider. [Read more…]

The Case For and Against Blog Editors

One of the most divisive issues among bloggers is whether it is better to use a blog editor, such as Windows Live Writer or MarsEdit, or just your default Web-based writing panel in WordPress or MovableType.

There are strong believers in both camps and both sides have excellent points. As with most great debates, it comes down to a matter of personal choice but before you decide which camp you are in, it’s important to understand at least some of the arguments for and against using a stand alone blog editor application.

Whether it is a Firefox extension, such as Scribefire, a whole new application, such as Blogo, or something else altogether, there are drawbacks and benefits to doing your writing outside of your blog’s admin panel and it is best to be aware of them.

So here are five of the biggest arguments for and against using a new application to create your blog posts. [Read more…] And SixApart Take Note: BlogPress Is About To Steal Your iThunder


Despite providing powerful platforms for their users, both (owned by Google) and Six Apart seem to be rather slow when it comes to creating apps for the iPhone. 

While SixApart has provided an iPhone app for Typepad, they have yet to develop anything for MovableType, leaving the field wide open for third parties.

One company from China however is taking advantage of this opening, by creating a powerful iPhone app for not only the “big three” (Blogger, MovableType/Typepad, WordPress) but for MSN Live Spaces as well.

Called BlogPress (which was previously highlighted by Andy), this app was developed by CoolLittle Things, who ironically encountered some resistance (note: english translation over here) submitting their app to the iTunes store.

But with BlogPress costing a whopping 999 pennies (or about $10 USD), BlogSpot and MovableType fans may wonder whether purchasing this app is worth it.

So instead of spending potential gas money (or even lunch), you might want to check out the review below to see if this iPhone app is worth spending money on. [Read more…]