MTV Multiplayer Finally Gets An Editor

For those of you wondering how things went with the popular MTV Multiplayer blog, now that Stephen Totilo is on Kotaku and everything? Well, luckily (for them) they got things in order just in time for E3, and the new editor is Russ Frushtick. So far so good, but changing drivers is always a hard thing so we’ll have to wait and see if Frushtick can keep the brand’s high esteem up. That being said, having MTV backing you surely ensures weigh enough to make it happen.

MTV Multiplayer Falls Silent Yet Again

The MTV Multiplayer blog is silent once again, as writer Tracey John leaves. You might remember that Stephen Totilo moved to competetitor Kotaku which put the blog on hiatus, then it rolled back out with updates from contributor Tracey John. And now he’s gone too, hinting that something’s going on but nothing more than that.

And I encourage the industry and gamers to continue to support MTV Multiplayer and the new editor when the blog is back in full force. Exciting things are in the works — just you wait. Thanks for being so patient.

This is a bad move. It is way better to just put a blog on hiatus and offer some sort of notification solution for its reader, rather than being this vague about what’s happening. The editorial group on really need to get its act together. They are hurting the brand with this nonsense.

MTV Multiplayer Videogame Blog On Hiatus

Popular, and sometimes breaking, videogame blog MTV Multiplayer has put itself on hiatus as lead writer Stephen Totilo is no longer working with it. He explains the decision like this:

Because April 24 is my last day, and because our search for the best team to continue Multiplayer is underway but not yet complete, we’re putting the blog on hiatus.

In other words, you haven’t seen the last of MTV Multiplayer, but it’ll take some time to get it rolling again. Poor planning perhaps, but that’s the way it is sometimes.

Incidentally, I’d like to point you to Totilo’s second to last post about why he became a gaming journalist. It is an interesting read.

So where did Totilo go? From one videogame blog to another: He is now Deputy Managing Editor on Gawker Media’s Kotaku.