Why Having Multiple Blogs is a Better Strategy for Monetization


It seems everyone has a blog these days and you can most definitely find a number of them for any given topic, no matter how obscure it may seem. For some, blogging is a great way to express themselves online and for others, it is an ideal way to earn a legitimate income. (Why do you blog?)

There are many reasons one may choose to have multiple blogs online.

Multiple Interests – It may be that you have multiple interests and choose to have different blogs to express and monetize them based on different topics. For example many people have careers and hobbies, each of which is entirely different from the other. It could be website development and crocheting or perhaps plant care and business solutions. In both examples the interests are completely different allowing you to attract a different audience.

Easy to Rank
– Ranking a niche blog for a particular keyword is comparatively easier than trying to rank a general blog. As the niche blog will be more relevant in the eyes of search engines. [Read more…]