Twitter Now Third Largest Social Network, Announces Promoted Accounts

Twitter Logo

Twitter LogoOn Tuesday Twitter COO Dick Costola, speaking at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Mixx Conference in New York City, announced that Twitter has surpassed MySpace in terms of unique users, while also announceing Twitter’s new “promoted accounts” feature.

Using Promoted Accounts companies can suggest that users automatically follow brands with similar interests to their own.

The program works by giving advertisers the ability to add their paid accounts to users “Who To Follow” suggestion list. Just like the companies “Promoted Tweets” feature, the suggestions would be based on a users Twitter activity and their preference settings.

The “Promoted Accounts” option also marks the end of Twitter Earlybird offers, which never really took off as planned. [Read more…]

Apple Pings Your Music Tastes

Apple Social network Ping

Apple Social network PingApple’s new Ping network has debuted with the most recent release of iTunes.

Ping, not to be confused with social network updating service (or the web site, which has nothing to do with music or social media whatsoever), is Apple’s new niche social networking service dedicated to connecting people based on their tastes in music. Ping is not a standalone web site; it comes packaged only with the software, which is available for both PC and Mac.

Interestingly, Ping is disabled by default and is therefore an opt-in user experience. One might think that Apple would be pushing for users to try the free service, but Apple is promoting social interaction by making users’ details such as name and hometown visible to the public unless specifically set to private. Furthermore, the types of music you enjoy, based on your iTunes statistics, can be hidden – so that embarrassing fetish for show tunes need not be known to the world. [Read more…]

MySpace Teams With MTV, Will LiveStream Comic-Con


Comic-ConIf you can’t attend Comic-Con this year, you’ll at least be able to watch live streaming interviews with various stars from Michael Cera and Seth Rogen to Jeff Bridges and the cast of Glee.

According to Mashable, MTV has teamed up with MySpace to live stream those interviews, plus various previously unreleased media content. Comic-Con is going on this coming weekend.

Both and MySpace Comic-Con pages will start streaming content on Thursday, July 22 at 12 p.m. PT. The show is set to be hosted by Josh Horowitz from MTV Movies and he will be looking asking fan-submitted internet questions and other questions created by MySpace and MTV. [Read more…]

New MySpace Profile Pages Start Showing Up

New Myspace Profiles

New Myspace ProfilesIt’s official Myspace is currently showing off their redesigned profile pages.

Mashable received the following confirmation from Myspace:

“We’re testing a new look and feel of our site among users and the response so far has been positive,” adding “As always, we’re interested in hearing feedback from our community as we roll out enhancements to the user experience and look forward to sharing more details with you in the coming weeks.”

Users are beginning to see the new profile pages as they slowly role out to the general MySpace population. [Read more…]

Myspace. The New Facebook Alternative? Site Implements Privacy Changes



There has been a lot of talk lately about a much needed alternative to Facebook. In fact the idea of creating a new system has become so popular that one group of students formed a group known as Diaspora which has already managed to raise over $150,000 to build the alternative. However, there is already an alternative, it’s called MySpace and sure it looks like a site from 2005, but they are once again trying to lure in Facebook visitors by attaching themselves to what visitors care most about, secure privacy settings that are simple to use. [Read more…]

Is Lily Allen giving up blogging?

British pop star Lily Allen may be planning to quit most of her online activities, including her MySpace blog, Twitter, and email, according to the New Musical Express (NME) magazine.

She may even have given away her laptop and BlackBerry after new boyfriend Sam Cooper expressed his anger about her “social networking obsession”, offering her an ultimatum — him or t’Internet. [Read more…]

Ailing MySpace adds Twitter update functionality

Not long after Facebook added Twitteresque @s to its service, MySpace is offering its users the ability to send real time messages to both MySpace and Twitter, at least for its US members.

“Our new sync functionality is part of an ongoing effort to make it simple for people to share their status beyond MySpace,” a senior product manager at MySpace said.

Just to add to the excitement, updating a Twitter feed can also automatically update a user’s MySpace status. [Read more…]

UK: Twitter Overtakes MySpace, And Why It Is Not Important

Hitwise claims that Twitter has overtaken MySpace in the UK. That’s probably true, but the stats are completely uninteresting. While there obviously are a lot of people using the web interface, the numbers won’t show how many are actually using the service from an application of any kind. You know, like TweetDeck, Tweetie or Twhirl. Third party services are huge with Twitter, it’s as simple as that.

So yeah, Twitter overtook MySpace in the UK. Thing is, it probably happened a lot earlier than the graph suggests.

Just under half of Americans have Facebook or MySpace account

All the news and personalities that we see using Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace makes us think that everyone is into it. The Harris Poll, however, revealed that half of Americans (51%) do not use Twitter or have a MySpace or facebook account. Just under half (48%) of adults have either a MySpace or Facebook page with 16% of adults updating their page at least once a day. Only 5% of Americans are currently using Twitter.

The nationwide survey of 2,220 U.S. adults surveyed online between March 31 and April 1, 2009 by Harris Interactive also revealed that:

  • Three-quarters of those aged 18-34 years old (74%) have a Facebook or MySpace account but this quickly drops off the older one gets. Just one-quarter (24%) of those 55 and older have an account;
  • Tweeting is also slightly more prevalent among the young, but not by much; 8% of 18-34 year olds use Twitter, 7% of those 35-44 use it, 4% of those aged 45-54 and just 1% of those 55 and older;
  • While men and women use Twitter at the same levels (5% each), women are more likely to have a Facebook or MySpace account (52% versus 45%); and,
  • There is also an educational difference in usage of social networking sites. Two in five people with a high school degree or less (40%) have a Facebook or MySpace account compared to 55% of those with some college and 52% of those with at least a college degree.

At the Face of Being Famous

23 hottest urls according to Alexa

Epic forum threadHow would you like to be the source of the next Internet meme? Sounds great right? For one 22 year old, it didn’t turn out so well. In this instance, the source of harassment is Ellie who on the surface appears to be a typical teenage girl. However, thanks to a forum thread that was started on a Bodybuilder’s forum, her online persona has changed for the worst.

The thread starts out with a user publishing pictures of his alleged girlfriend who is dressed in skin baring attire. The rest of the photographs show off the teenager in various poses around and inside a red vehicle. While the photographs are of an innocent nature, if you don’t happen to have a perfect body, the Internet will let you know about it and boy, they let this teenager have it. After these photos were published, hundreds of people within the forum thread began to photoshop the photos and started turning them into parodies. It seems as though no one had a nice thing to say about this woman simply because of her physique. [Read more…]