Should Photobucket Apologize To MySpace?

There seems to be a controversy regarding the recent banning of Photobucket video’s on MySpace. According to TechCrunch, this blockage seems to be some sort of bullying tactic, informing Photobucket that MySpace holds the keys towards their success.

Many users are venting their displeasure over on the Photobucket blog, which alerted their users of the ban by the social network king.

MySpace however seems to be countering that this has nothing to do with politics, but rather with policy, as Photobucket was allegedly advertising on MySpace via slide shows, a big no-no according to NewsCorp’s policies.
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Hacker To John McCain: Thou Shalt Not Steal (MySpace)

It looks like a US presidential hopeful has learned an awful lesson regarding the consequences of using another’s work and bandwidth without proper credit.

An employee of McCain’s office was using a template developed by Mike Davidson for their political MySpace page. Apparently they not only left off crediting Mike for the design, but decided to use his bandwidth too (by linking to his images) so Mike decided to have a little fun with the Senator involving some “humorous issues.”
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Build a community around your blog with “Your Own Social Network”


Myspace, tagworld, bebo, and facebook. There are social networks for just about everything these days. But what if you want a simple social network for yourself, one that you can make totally your own?

THE FIND: Well Ning’s new “Your Own Social Network” might just be the answer for those who have been looking for a simple way to create their own social network.

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UK’s Top Shop online store gets 5% of total visitors from its MySpace presence

Popular British high street and online fasion retailer got five per cent of its visitors directly from its MySpace profile page last year, making it the number two source of traffic, according to a report at BizReport.

That’s up five times on the previous year, and double the traffic received from MSN and Yahoo searches combined.

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MySpace, The New York Times will send you on African Reporting Trip announced it is teaming up with The New York Times for its second annual “Win A Trip With Nick” African reporting competition, offering one college or graduate student as well one middle- or high-school teacher the opportunity to accompany Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Nick Kristof on an expedition to Africa. MySpace is creating a customized community to engage users in the contest and offer video from the expedition, raising awareness about the challenges facing strife-ridden African nations.

“Traveling through Asia and Africa when I was in college was a turning point in my life,” said New York Times’ op-ed columnist and award winning journalist, Nick Kristof. “My hope is that the student and teacher who join me this summer will be similarly affected and will share their discoveries about Africa and its people with their peers and their students.” [Read more…]

MySpace for Marketers, Facebook for PR

The other night, I was hanging out with a couple of friends who I hadn’t seen in almost ten years. We went to school together a very long time ago, in a city far from here. Talking to these friends of mine, it occurred to me that something pretty special brought us together: social networking.

As a PR practitioner, I want stay on top of the latest everything. From Britney’s breakdown to business buyouts, it’s important to be trivial. A few years ago, before PR was even a realistic career move, I got into social networking. At first things were lonely. Really lonely. As others can understand, it’s only fun to be in early on something when other people discover that something and it becomes popular. That most certainly applies to the only two social networking sites that matter, Facebook and MySpace. [Read more…]

Social Networking on Steroids


I am always on a quest to find interesting social media tools. With the recent explosion in social networking sites, there seems to be a new site popping up daily. For me, I want a degree of control and I often find myself wishing that I could take elements from one social networking site and apply them to another.

A sense of community is the other element that draws me to social media. Is the community founded in ways that will allow it to grow, and prosper in a crowded space? Because let us be honest, a social network that cannot attract community members, will not last.

THE FIND: This week I wanted to focus on a next generation social network called Webjam, which is based out of the UK. It has been labeled a myspace on steroids, due to its rich feature set. This past week Webjam opened their beta site, which previously required registration to see its community’s pages.

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Battling Online Sexual Predators Might Impact Your Blog

In a news report on Reuters, “Lawmakers take aim at sex offenders on Internet”, there may be some changes in US laws which will treat online sex offenders like other sex offenders:

U.S. lawmakers on Tuesday proposed requiring sex offenders to register their e-mail and instant messaging addresses with law enforcement authorities in a bid to protect children using popular social Internet sites like MySpace.

The legislation introduced in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives also would require the Justice Department to develop a system that would allow commercial social networking Web sites to check members’ addresses against individuals listed in the National Sex Offender Registry.

Violators who fail to comply with registering their online communication identities would face up to 10 years in prison under the bill. If the offender was on supervised release from prison, the individual’s probation would be revoked.

The measure would also make it a crime for anyone over the age of 18 to misrepresent their age for the purpose of luring a minor over the Internet for illegal sexual conduct.

This action is part of the government’s response to growing concerns about online sexual predators, especially after the recent lawsuits against MySpace to force them to protect their children who blog and play on social networks online.

MySpace and Facebook have endorsed this measure, but it worries me how it will impact all bloggers. [Read more…]

Has MySpace Replaced MTV?

Well, Tom Anderson of MySpace seems to think so.

In an interview with Germany’s Spiegel, he and Chris De Wolfe offer a few ideas about where MySpace has come from, how it has become an important part of youth culture, and answers a few hard questions about where its going around the world (nowhere fast).

When asked about how it has affected popular culture, Mr. Anderson had this to say:

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Is Your Password Secure?

Several weeks ago, a phishing attack on popular social networking site managed to harvest thousands of actual usernames and passwords. These users were tricked into entering their account details in a hosted user page that was intentionally designed to appear like a legitimate MySpace login page. Since the page’s URL was within the domain, even net–savvy users were caught unaware of the attack.

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