Old Twitter Will Disappear This Week

Twitter Old Interface

Twitter BirdConsider this post a public service announcement, Twitter will officially stop allowing users to operate under the old Twitter interface by the end of this week.

In a simple Tweet officials at the company said:

“If you’re currently using Old Twitter, we want to let you know that you’ll be upgraded to New Twitter this week.”

Users who are still on the old system will also notice a message at the top of the page which reads: [Read more…]

New Twitter Homepage Starts With A Fail, Returns For Some Users

New Twitter homepage

New Twitter homepageJust hours after social networking website Twitter rolled out their new homepage (pictured to the left) the company was forced on Tuesday to revert back to the sites old homepage setup, citing technical difficulties.

The “New Twitter” homepage was suppose to mark a turning point for Twitter after co-founder Evan Williams announced just last week as he took a different role in the company that “the dark days of imminent technical meltdown are over.”

After several hours the new homepage did return for many users, however many Twitter users are still seeing the old Twitter homepage (myself included, even after clearing my browser cache).

After the launch of the new homepage many users were seeing different Twitter feeds than the one’s they signed up for. In some cases users were also seeing regional languages other than their own. [Read more…]

New Twitter Disappears, Then Reappears, We Wish It Stayed Away

Twitter Bug

Twitter BugThe new Twitter disappeared today for much of the Twitter visiting population, just over a week since it first appeared.

Users have always been able to revert to the old Twitter, which many have done, but it was the first time the option was not available, even upon request.

Just after the issue was first reported Twitter reps reached out, ensure users that the issue had been fixed and that the lack of New Twitter support was nothing more than an error on the company’s database. [Read more…]