Jon Stewart Attacks Ridiculousness Of Twitter News Reporting

Twitter News

Twitter News

Daily Show host Jon Stewart took to his show on Wednesday for a segment that attacks just how ridiculous the use of Twitter in newsrooms has become.

Stewart wasn’t attacking news agencies that quote sports stars, business people and other Twitter users with knowledge about their own industries, but rather the use of random user accounts to chime in on the news as if it was a consensus of the general public.

Stewart jokes:

“I’m going to assume by now you’re all familiar with Twitter, the social networking site that has become an increasingly popular outlet for news about Justin Bieber and popular revolutions. Did you also know it’s a great newsroom feedback delivery system?”

Jon then reveals that CNN regularly quotes the Twitter user @ladybigmac, a retired bookkeeper who says on her account that she spends her spare time watching golf and NASCAR races but only has 1,500 followers, many who began following her only after CNN began quoting her account, far from a highly influential account. [Read more…]