Brings Social Living To Communities [Infographic]


Nextdoor logoIt’s easy to argue that social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have robbed us of “community.” Gone are the days when people sit on their front porch and wave as the neighbors go by. Instead people answer friend requests and talk to people all over the country.

Attempting to fix the issue of “community” is, a newer social network that allows neighbors to learn each others names, share advice such as the names of good babysitters and landscapers and even protect a community by posting about break-ins and other issues of nuisance.

In the infographic shown below and InfographicsLabs take a close look at how social networks and community interact to both alienate and potentially help one another.

Much like Facebook and even Myspace before it the social network allows users to share their lives along with various recommendations. In fact 26% of the overall network is based around “recommendations” that can range from babysitters and plumbers to garage sales and housekeepers. also provides a robust engine for finding events, examining classified and even checking out local crime in your area.

The social good platform currently exists in more than 3,000 neighborhoods throughout 48 states and it continues to grow at a rate of one community per hour. [Read more…]