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November 22, 2011

Facebook Announces Sponsored Ticker Stories

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Facebook Sponsored TickerFacebook on Tuesday announced that “Sponsored Stories” are now appearing on the pages of each users Facebook account via the new “ticker” option located on the far upper right hand corner of their screens.

Still under a great deal of scrutiny by Facebook users who don’t like the new News Feed and Ticker revamp that rolled out in September the new feature places ads directly inside a users ticker right next to other status updates, link shares and other information from their friends list.

The plan is part of Facebook’s inevitable push to have as much information as possible placed in front of users, for example Spotify playlists can now be seen in a users profile.

Speaking about their decision to add the sponsored feature into their news feed a Facebook rep noted:

“Sponsored Stories now appear in Ticker on the home page, Sponsored Stories are an extension of News Feed, so we think it’s natural that they appear in Ticker.” read more

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April 12, 2011

The Online Advertising Industry: Infographic

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Ever wondered how all those ads you see populating the websites and blogs that you frequent get there? Exactly how is the data gathered for all those targeted Google, Yahoo and AOL ads? Below is an infographic of the path of how online ads are generated from the initial data to the target audience.

Another great piece of work from Infographiclabs

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March 7, 2011

Twitter Actually Worth $7.7 Billion? Probably Not

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Twitter CashLet me be frank for one second, auctioning off your company’s private stock is nothing more than a ploy to raise the company’s valuation far beyond what it is actually worth. When stock is auctioned company’s wanting to acquire shares will over value their purchase, leading to higher stock prices and inevitably an inflated valuation. This week Twitter did just that, auctioning off enough company stock that the websites valuation how now skyrocketed to $7.7 billion.

So why would Twitter do such a thing? For one they have been the target of possibly acquisitions by Facebook and Google who have both showed an interesting in the micro-social program and will now have to pay with many more buckets of cash if they are to succeed in their takeover attempts. On a secondary level, Twitter now has more cash to acquire other social media company’s, allowing them to procure talent buys and drive new functionality to the website, an important consideration when you look at the acquisitions made by Facebook, Google, Microsoft and other larger tech firms over the last 12 months.

The new total is nearly double what the company was worth in January and at last check I haven’t seen them grow at a 100% visitor base or for that matter role out any groundbreaking technologies that will revolutionize the way people interact or advertise using the program. read more

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November 9, 2010

Facebook Now Controlling Almost 25% Of Online Marketing

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Facebook Logo

It’s a good time to be Mark Zuckerberg, sure The Social Network made fun of him, but director David Fincher isn’t controlling 23% of all display ad impressions on the internet now is he?

Internet reporting firm ComScore provided that staggering number this week, while adding that Facebook has provided advertisers during the last quarter with more than 297 billion display ad impressions.

The 23.1% share is up from 9.2% during the same quarter one year prior and the company’s 16.2% share during the last quarter.

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March 10, 2009

Online Publishers Association introduces new display ad units

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opaThe Online Publishers Association (OPA) announced a new initiative designed to help stimulate creative advertising on the Internet that meets the needs of marketers. With the announcement comes the commitment from a group of OPA members to implement new interactive and display advertising units across their websites.

The proposed new advertising units are:

  • The Fixed Panel (recommended dimension is 336 wide x 860 tall), which looks naturally embedded into the page layout and scrolls to the top and bottom of the page as a user scrolls.
  • The XXL Box (recommended dimension is 468 wide x 648 tall), which has page-turn functionality with video capability.
  • The Pushdown (recommended dimension is 970 wide x 418 tall), which opens to display the advertisement and then rolls up to the top of the page.

The initial participating OPA members, with reach of 108.3 million visitors, are: BabyCenter, Bizjournals, Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, CBS Interactive, CNN, Conde Nast Digital, Discovery Communications, ESPN,, FOXNews Digital, IDG, iVillage Network, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Meredith Interactive,, MTV Networks, NBC Universal, New York Media, The New York Times, Reed Business Information, Reuters, Time Inc., USA Today, Wall Street Journal Digital Network and, with more OPA members to be announced.

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