Facebook Open Graph Search, A Semantic Web Tool That Actually Makes Sense

Google Facebook logos

Google Facebook logosThe Facebook Like button may just seem like a great way to share your favorite web stories with friends, but there’s more to the puzzle than you may think. Facebook has announced Open Graph search, an option which allows the site to search the web based off semantic (user chosen) website information, then display that information in your Facebook search results (on a small basis at the moment).

The new system could allow Facebook to more quickly and accurately gather website information than Google, while providing content users want to read, while forcing websites to pair up with Facebook in order to serve their nearly half a billion strong user base.

Unlike Google which sends out “Google Bots” to “crawl” the web, Facebook makes websites come to them. Don’t want to use Facebook Share or Like buttons? That’s fine, you just won’t show up in Facebook search. As stated at FastCompany:

“It doesn’t need a massive and constantly updating infrastructure to index the Web, Web masters will do its work for it.” [Read more…]