3 Things You Can Do If You Have Too Much Work

Too much work

Too much work? Is there such a thing for a freelance blogger/online writer? I think that, if anything, we always want/need more work. I think, though, that we may have the tendency to just want more work whenever the opportunity presents itself even if our plate is already full.

Too much work

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This is probably due to the fact that the freelance writing life has a high degree of uncertainty. There are good months, but there are lean months. And what we want is to build up a nest egg for when those lean months come. One of the most obvious ways to do that is take on as much work as you can when it’s there; and that’s when the “too much work” scenario comes up. [Read more…]

Will Indian Outsourcing Permeate the Blogosphere?

Tell anyone to call an 800# for technical support and they’ll likely make a crack about how you’re connecting to India. Outsourcing has become a way of life for some businesses. Heck, it’s cheaper, sometimes easier – and did I mention it’s cheaper?

Bloggers, for the most part, have never felt threatened by the outsource movement. Most overseas help, to this point, has been to conduct a service. But as Toronto’s Globe & Mail points out, it might be time for content creators to sweat.

The paper cites several media companies that are already relying on these types of offshore services, and implies that the trend could be on the rise.

Many of these firms churn out content at a ridiculously low rate of 3/4 of a cent per word. Worried about receiving text written in broken English? You can hire an overseas copywriting firm for about the same cost. Add it up and it’s still considerably less than you can expect to pay any U.S.-based writer.

If your business is blogging, are you concerned? Would you consider hiring such a firm?

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