Niche editorial more important than ever to counter information overload

Listening to some people talk, editors are a dying breed because we’re in the age of user-generated, crowdsourced content.

Yet consumers are relying on the human touch to help them find the best information and resources online, according to a number of speakers at the Digital Media Conference in San Francisco earlier this week.

We have access to unprecedented levels of information, but not all of it is useful, and the sheer volume leads to a complete overload of the senses.

What web users increasingly want are specialised sites that either create or aggregate quality content in one place. [Read more…]

My 48-Hour Power Down

I’m proud of myself. For 48 consecutive hours I survived without the Internet. It wasn’t easy.

As a product of the hyper-connected digital age, giving up my computer and pocket-sized device for an “extended” period of time, wasn’t an easy decision. But given my recent bout of blogger’s block, and an increasingly alarming inability to stop the simultaneous tape recorders in my head, I knew it was time to power down. And you know what? I have a hunch it was the best 48 hours I’ve spent in quite some time. [Read more…]