Overly Attached Girlfriend Uses Creepy Fame To Raise Money For Charity

Overly Attached Fundraiser

Overly Attached FundraiserOverly Attached Girlfriend has taken time off from stalking Justin Bieber, Drake and other celebrities so she can focus on something more important, helping charities raise money through the use of her viral fame.

The viral video star this week launched a new YouTube series called Dare to Share which aims to raise money from worthwhile causes.

The first episode of Dare To Share was uploaded on Tuesday and according to Laina Morris:

“The Internet is a unifying force that brings the whole world together.  We’re more connected now than we have ever been, through things like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  In today’s world, we are constantly connected.  Smartphones that go everywhere we do are notifying us every second.  It’s good—we can laugh together at funny videos of sneezing pandas, English brothers who bite each other’s fingers, and Overly Attached Girlfriends.  And it’s bad because people can do or say whatever they want when they’re hiding behind their computer.  But together, we can work to make it the most powerful method in helping others.”

The new program works by allowing viewers to dare Morris to do crazy things. As money is raised Morris will complete the crazy tasks.  [Read more…]