How Much Should You Charge For Sponsored Blog Posts?

what should you charge for sponsored blog posts?

what should you charge for sponsored blog posts?

Because of the increase emphasis on the value of content when it comes to your search engine marketing strategy, bloggers are getting more and more requests for sponsored posts. This puts bloggers who, up until recently, have been writing content out of their own passion and interests, in the position of figuring out how much they should charge for sponsored blog posts.

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Reviews: The Marketer’s Dream Says NYT


The New York Times runs a story about bloggers reviewing products, and the fact that this is a marketer’s dream. The article’s author, Pradnya Joshi, talks to both popular bloggers, Izea’s Ted Murphy, and the Federal Trade Commission who is looking into this form of paid reviews.

In the words of Joshi:

Marketing companies are keen to get their products into the hands of so-called influencers who have loyal online followings because the opinions of such consumers help products stand out amid the clutter, particularly in social media.

Bloggers are a soft target for PR agencies and manufacturers looking for non-ad mentions online. Some buy sponsored posts, while others rely only on their product and sends out samples. Either way, the idea is that bloggers aren’t as tuned to reviewing as professional journalists, hence you’re more likely to get a positive one. [Read more…]

Pepperjam Network Pays You to Blog About Them

I don’t think this is a smart move if fairly new Pepperjam Network wants to gain credibility in the blogosphere. Having signed up for the network for some of my sites in the past, I got the following information in my mailbox this morning:

The Blogger Incentive Program pays bloggers $10 for every post they make about Pepperjam Network news or tools. You also get an additional $7 for every new affiliate your refer to our program. If that’s not enough, we also allow you to use our special creatives and give new affiliates $10 as a sign-on bonus. :) Top blogger affiliates are making thousands of dollars per month as part of our incentive and referral program.

$10/post about Pepperjam eh? So when will you send me the check for this one?

Seriously though, I understand that people are making money this way, and if you look at the blogs you read, you’ll surely see a lot of “try Pepperjam Network out” types of posts in the coming weeks. Might be good money, but it is still buying blog posts. What do you think about this, would you do it?