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March 9, 2012

Path Brings Nike+ Integration Into The Mix, Also Adds New Music and Photo Features

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Path MobileMobile social network Path on Thursday rolled out version 2.1 of its iPhone app and included in that update is the ability to sync your Nike+ account with the mobile network.

By connecting a Path account with a Nike+ account users are able to automatically share their personalized Nike+ information with friends. Users can see how long you ran for, how far you ran, the best pace you kept and the exact route you ran using mapping technology.

The application is also expected to share Nike+ Fuelband data once that technology is made available.

The new update wasn’t just about Nike+ however, the new version of Path also offers Music and Photo story sections.

With the “Music Math” option users can push a single “record” button and hold their phone up to a music source to determine which song they are listening to just like the popular iPhone app Shazam. The program then allows you to share that song with your friends on Path if you choose to do so.  read more

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May 23, 2011

Path Network Announces “Stacks” Proceeds To Sort Your Photos For You

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Path Logo and SloganMobile social networking company Path on Monday announced a new feature which helps users auto-sort their photos for easier in-depth browsing.

Known as “Stacks” the new program arranges each users uploaded photos by “people, places and things” using the users own tags as the blueprint for that organization.

Once organized the three most popular tagged topics in each of those three categories are then displayed on the users profile then simply tap on a stack and the photos inside of it are revealed in a standard photo album setup.

As an example, if you take a vacation to Las Vegas one of your “Places” stacks might realize three photos from “Las Vegas” making it one of your more popular tags and therefore creating a “Las Vegas” stack.

The program is self-learning which means you can go back to Las Vegas three or four times and your Vegas stack will continue to update with more photos from Las Vegas as long as you tag those photos with that “Las Vegas” term. read more

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March 11, 2011

Path Updates With Version 1.5, Adds Photo Lenses and Facebook Sharing

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Path social network logoPath is on a tear over the last few months and today they have announced more new features for version 1.5 of their iPhone app. With the new update comes two exciting features, Facebook sharing and a new feature they are calling “Lenses.”

While the network allows for only a 50-friend limit, they are also now allowing users to share their posts with all of their Facebook friends using a Facebook share button. Using the button users can choose to post their photos and videos to their Facebook wall. The program offers the option to designate those files as private so only your Path friends on Facebook can see the posts or so everyone on Facebook can witness them.

The other new option, known as Path Lenses allows users to add some style to their photos and videos. As of today 7 lenses are offered. The first four are free and are titled: Pro, Ansel, Instant and Diana. While three Path Premium Lenses are also available at this time for $.99 each: Old Time, The Grib (pictured below) and 8-Bit.

More lenses are expected in the future according to Path co-founder Dave Morin.

Users will also find friend recommendations now included in the service and new activity-viewing. read more

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February 8, 2011

Path iPhone App Finally Gets Commenting Feature

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Path Chat iPhone AppAfter receiving $8.65 million in funding last week, mobile social networking startup Path has finally announced the launch of a commenting feature for their iPhone application.

Known as Path Chat, the feature can be found when users download version 1.4 of the program, an update that was released to the general public on Monday.

Previously users only had the option of adding emoticons to photos as a means of commenting or through direct text messages to users, the new features simply adds traditional commenting to the mobile platform. read more

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February 2, 2011

Path’s “Personal Network” Startup Receives Big Funding Round

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Path Social NetworkFor web users who want a more intimate social networking experience Path with their mobile platform that offers only a 50 friend limit has become a popular destination and today the company has announced a round of Series A funding.

The company’s newest round of funding brings with it $8.65 million from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Index Ventures, Digital Garage Japan and First Round Capital.

That money comes after $2.5 million was originally raised in Angel funding from Index and First Round.

Path was founded by former Facebook employee Dave Morin and several other big names in tech and the site promises to keep away spammers by limiting the size of a persons network, leaving users to more closely choose who they accept into their network. read more

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