Perez Hilton’s Blog for Women Leaks

Perez Hilton’s upcoming “women’s blog” is named CocoPerez (!) and while you can’t visit it just yet, the folks at Evil Beet Gossip managed to get around the passwords wall to take a sneak peak. And some screenshots of course. I’ll not repost theme here, but you might want to giggle for a little while about the logo:


Perez Hilton in the middle, that’s what women want in a blog? Jezebel’s Tracie Egan isn’t too worried, and said site also picks CocoPerez to pieces in a post. Sure, they’re a bit biased, but it is a funny read nonetheless, snarky and with a touch of the old days when the blogosphere sucked even harder. I think this will be fun to watch.

CocoPerez is slated to go online sometime today if reports are to be believed.

Perez Hilton Unmasked

My my. It comes as no real surprise that Perez Hilton alias Mario Lavandeira doesn’t write all those posts himself. It has, in fact, been hinted at previously. Defamer, aka “the Hollywood column” on Gawker, got their hands on a lawsuit that confirms that it is not Mario Lavandeira who writes, but his sister Barbara. Naturally, they went digging and found out that Barbara is living a normal life, as opposed to her somewhat controversial celeb blogger brother.

Perez Hilton To Include Tweets In Ad Campaigns CEO Henry Copeland participated on a panel at the OMMA Publishing, and had some Perez Hilton gossip to share. We’ll skip the “new friendlier site” launch rumors and skip to the part where Copeland says that Hilton has six-figure deals to tweet about products and/or services.

Under the agreements, Hilton this summer will post Tweets about the products or services involved for a week on his Twitter feed, which Copeland said has more than 1 million followers. “Perez is a great springboard for anyone who needs a springboard onto Twitter,” said Copeland, who claims that a link by the notorious blogger can send 10,000 to 20,000 new visitors to a site in an eye blink.

This will be linked to ad campaigns on, probably sold as a package. Media buyers love that. MediaPost has the full story.

Celebrity Blogs Future Winners?


Folio has been reading the Lost in Transition: The Revolution of Celebrity Media (PDF) report, and reasons around the issues celebrity magazines have and are facing today. What’s even more interesting is that the web, including celebrity blogs, is viewed as the future winners.

In terms of the future of celebrity media M&A, “select Web sites”—such as—“should be acquisition targets” as they appear to resist the recession’s downward pull and continue to attract eyeballs and advertisers.”

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In Twitter land, Fry is second most popular, Allen and Hilton scrap

In the new-found celebrity playground of Twitter, Stephen Fry has just become the second most followed person. While Barack Obama has some 290,000 followers, Fry has doubled his count to over 200,000 in a little over two weeks.

It’s predicted that this quintessentially English celebrity, who tweets while stuck in lifts and is somehow able to follow close to 55,000 people, will overtake Obama some time next month.

Meanwhile, it’s not all smiles as twittering pop star Lily Allen has started a feud with Perez Hilton. Earlier jibes about Allen’s personal life moved on to album sales and gratuitous name calling. [Read more…]

Perez Hilton Goes Mobile

In an effort to spread the celebrity news/filth/funniness even further, Perez Hilton is launching a mobile site. You can visit it in your browser if you’re curious. Basically, it’s a trimmed down version of the regular Perez Hilton blog, and obviously something the readers have been craving according to Hilton in a press release. He’s partnered up with Crisp Wireless, who are thrilled by the prospect:

“We are extremely excited to team up with Perez Hilton as he extends his global status into the mobile web, said Boris Fridman, Chief Executive Officer, Crisp Wireless, which hosts the mobile site and provides the ad serving platform to BlogAds. Perez realizes that mobile phones, Blackberries and iPhones are practically the lifeblood of the celebrity world and everyone that follows it. Without them, they feel totally disconnected. By tapping Crisp Wireless and BlogAds, Perez’s insights and information will be readily available by mobile. His mobile web presence should equal or surpass the success of his online site.

If you want to go mobile with your blog, just like Perez Hilton does, you could use a service like MoFuse. It’s not even difficult to do.