Path Brings Nike+ Integration Into The Mix, Also Adds New Music and Photo Features

Path Nike Plus Integration

Path MobileMobile social network Path on Thursday rolled out version 2.1 of its iPhone app and included in that update is the ability to sync your Nike+ account with the mobile network.

By connecting a Path account with a Nike+ account users are able to automatically share their personalized Nike+ information with friends. Users can see how long you ran for, how far you ran, the best pace you kept and the exact route you ran using mapping technology.

The application is also expected to share Nike+ Fuelband data once that technology is made available.

The new update wasn’t just about Nike+ however, the new version of Path also offers Music and Photo story sections.

With the “Music Math” option users can push a single “record” button and hold their phone up to a music source to determine which song they are listening to just like the popular iPhone app Shazam. The program then allows you to share that song with your friends on Path if you choose to do so.  [Read more…]

What Blog Recession? How iRetouch Saved Me $697



If you were to take a quick survey of photo editing software, you would probably discover that most probloggers use Photoshop, a powerful program that allows you to manipulate images to your hearts content.

While Photoshop is probably unrivaled in its domain, purchasing it can set you back $699–and that’s on the low end (as the full version costs $999).

Since many bloggers may prefer to spend $700 on a new laptop (that is if you are a fan of Microsoft), they may instead want to check out a new iPhone app from iMapl called iRetouch (who created Magic Touch not too long ago). [Read more…]

Blogger’s Delight: Magic Touch (Photoshop For Your iPhone)


My first encounter with Magic Touch was “less than pleasant.”

After encountering numerous bugs on version 1.0 (most which crashed the app), I contacted the developers at iMapl to see if I could demo test of their updated version (Magic Touch 1.1), which will be available on the app store (pending Apple’s approval).

While I did expect the iMapl to (at the minimum) fix the numerous bugs plaguing the app, I did not expect it to surpass most of the photo apps on Apple’s app store (especially against their main rivals, one which will be highlighted in this review). [Read more…]