Popular Android Twitter App “Plume” To Get Updates, Add More Integration

Plume Android App for Twitter

Plume Android App for TwitterPlume developer Ludovic Vialle is preparing to take his popular Google Android Twitter Application to the next level, in a Google+ post this week he describe what new exciting features are coming to the application.

According to Vialle the first major update is a complete rewrite of the timeline section in the application and under the new program users timeline activity will automatically be updated when they leave the application open on their Smartphones.

Along with auto-updates the program will also offer push notifications to users who allow that feature to be activated on their Android phones. With real-time updates and push notifications users will now be able to stay up-to-date with all of their Twitter friends.

After push notifications and real-time updates are added Plume then plans to add Facebook integration to the mix, allowing for a larger user base, followed by Google+ integration. Once multiple accounts integration is complete the Plume system will then allow users to send out their status updates to all of their social networking accounts at the same time or choose which accounts to send each message.  [Read more…]