Four in five who listen to podcasts do so at home, in their entirety, survey suggests

Preliminary results from a survey carried out by the Radio Joint Audience Research (Rajar) — the official body in charge of measuring radio audiences in the UK — suggests that four in five people listen to podcasts at home.

The Press Gazette has gleaned some interesting snippets of information from the UK-based survey, the full results of which are due to be published later this month.

Results suggest that 4.3 million adults have downloaded or subscribed to a podcast, with 80% listening at home on their computer, rather than a portable media player.

On average, each listener downloads one or less podcasts per week, while the most popular time to listen to them is the evening. Most people do listen to the complete podcast, even though it’s much easier to skip and miss sections as compared to a traditional radio program.

(Via The Press Gazette)

Belkin intros new podcasting tool, offers free gift bag to CES attendees

If you’re lucky enough to be squeezing your way around the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next week, and you’re a podcaster, you might like to head over to Belkin’s stand (booth #30368) with your iPod.

They’ve got a new podcasting tool, the beta version of which will debut at CES 2008.

Though the press release doesn’t give much detail away about the final product, it will work with most iPod models. The prototype works with the iPod classic, nano 2nd generation, and 30GB 5th generation.

All podcasters visiting the booth and demoing the product will get a gift bag that includes Belkin’s TuneTalk Stereo, a voice recorder for the iPod that records in full stereo.

More details are available online to delegates visiting the show.

Splashpress Media Launches Podcasting Blog Audival

Splashpress Media has launched Audival, a blog that serves tips, tutorials, equipment reviews, and articles about podcasting. Authored by Stefan Hedengren (more commonly known as Stiff), Audival aims “help you record and make a professional sounding podcast. [Audival] will supply you with tips and tutorials, as well as sound clips that you can use if you like to.” Audival was created with the thought that while many are interested in podcasting, the process behind actually recording audio, producing/using the music and sound clips, and putting these together, may not be as easy as it seems.

Stiff is a professional musician and engineer, and creates the original music and sound clips that are made available for use via Audival. Stiff is the man behind the Pro Tooler Blog, which is focused on tools and equipment used by the pros in producing music and audio.

The site was designed by Stiff’s brother, Thord Daniel Hedengren, former Blog Herald contributor, and who has also designed several other Splashpress Media blogs and portals including the Eatonweb Blog Directory, Jack of All Blogs, Blog Network Watch, and Blogger Jobs, and also some enhancements to the Blog Herald look, particularly the header image and links.

Blogger & Podcaster’s first issue now online

The Blog Herald’s editor Tony Hung wrote about Blogger & Podcaster, the trade magazine that covers blogging and podcasting, being launched. The online version of the magazine’s first issue is now finally up. Impressive at 48 pages, its content and online presentation makes plus the fact of being the first issue makes it a compelling read. We say, not bad and looking forward to next issue.

Read the first issue it here.

Podcast on nanotechnology launched

Lumera Corporation announced that it would host a series of podcast interviews with industry leaders who are familiar with Lumera’s technology and are experts in nanotechnology, bio-arrays, drug discovery, electro-optics, and wireless technologies.

Dr. Niro Ramachandran, a research associate at the Harvard Institute of Proteomics led by Dr. Josh LaBaer, will be featured first in the Lumera podcasting series. Ramachandran is an expert in next generation drug discovery and diagnostics and is one of the early beta users of Lumera’s ProteomicProcessor™ instrument. Dr. Ramachandran’s podcast will be available for download today.

The podcasts will be available through a variety of distribution networks and can be downloaded among other places at, Apple’s iTunes, Rocky Mountain Podcasting, and at Lumera.

Lonely Planet launches online TV

Reality Digital today announced a first-of-its-kind deployment with Lonely Planet, a leading independent travel media company. Lonely Planet is using Reality Digital Opus, a digital media hosting platform, to launch the website, an online community featuring a combination of user-generated travel videos and original programming from Lonely Planet TV. Reality Digital Opus, the technology enabler for the new online channel, is providing Lonely Planet viewers with a more participatory environment that includes blogging, video sharing, forums, geo-location information and more.

With, Lonely Planet now has a web channel that features original produced travel programming alongside the clips uploaded by viewers. “The idea was to create a place where travelers could share their own videos from their DV cams or cell phones and share real travel experiences with other travelers, as well as commenting, rating and interacting in a variety of ways with both professional and user generated content,” said Sohail Dahdal, manager of

Voicethread introduces Group Audio Blogging to the Net, a website that captures the voices that surround shared media, is introducing Group Audio Blogging (GAB) to the Internet.

Voicethread is enabling users to create “voicebooks” much the same way a blogger would create a post or a page on a social networking site. While a blog is mostly written, a voicebook gives the distinct benefit of recorded group conversation. Here is a great example of a voicebook.

“We’ve taken the ‘instant’ out of Instant Messaging, and replaced it with the voices that surround evocative media,” said Steve Muth, Co-Founder of Voicethread. “Text is wonderful, but a human voice has an undeniable power.” [Read more…]

Andreessen’s Ning launches social network tool

Ning, the free service that gives you the power to create your own social network for anything, today unveiled Ning Version 2, which brings together powerful new features and levels of customization not before offered by any social networking service.

On Ning, you mix and match your choice of features (for example, videos, photos, music, forums, profiles, and blogs) from an ever-growing list of options, customize every aspect of how your social network looks, add a logo if you have one, make it public or private, and offer your members the ability to make their profile pages uniquely their own.

“Today’s social networking services are fantastic, but they are very similar in approach to AOL, Compuserve, and Prodigy in the early nineties. They have a fixed and rigid view of what people can do,” says Marc Andreessen, co-founder and CTO of Ning. “The web is filled with people who want the freedom to create, to express themselves, and to connect with other people in new and interesting ways. Hopefully, Ning contributes in a small way to this growing freedom for everyone.”

“Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” author launches new media network

Remember Lauren Elliott, author of the hugely successful “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” computer software series from way back?

He’s back and has launched Personal News Network (PNN), a new media network that allows anyone to share stories, photos, videos and opinions on the web. “All of us have stories and opinions,” said Elliott, CEO of PNN. “Sharing these ideas with each other is what matters; the tools shouldn’t be a barrier.”

Lauren had a personal reason for starting PNN. “A couple of years ago I helped my mother, Eleanor Roosevelt II, put together stories about growing up with her aunt and famous namesake — Eleanor Roosevelt. The stories she told about putting a pony in FDR’s elevator in the White House, or ER staying up until 3:00 am every evening to answer her mail, are wonderful, personal accounts that you don’t soon forget. I realized then that it’s these kinds of stories, told by all of us, that needed to be shared. In a way, PNN is a result of that feeling,” said Elliot.

Evan Williams buys Odeo

Evan Williams, founder of Blogger and podcast startup Odeo, has launched a new company – Obvious Corp and purchased both Odeo and Twitter from their current investors and shareholders.

As Evan says, he has a business model:

The Obvious model goes something like this:

Build things cheaply and rapidly by keeping teams small and self-organized.

Leverage technology, know-how, and infrastructure across products (but brand them separately, so they’re focused and easy to understand)

Use the aggregate attention and user base of the network to gain traction for new services faster than they could gain awareness independently

This will be interesting to watch!