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October 7, 2006

Team ITC releases Podcasting Tools

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Team ITC, the wonderful folks behind IT Conversations, have released a new podcasting tool, according to Phil Windley:

The first is the Levelator, a tool for automatically adjusts the audio levels within a podcast to account for variations in level between speakers. So on on a conference call, for example, where one person’€™s coming in stronger than the rest you could use the Levelator in post production to even that out. Without the Levelator, this is a huge job. The application is available for Windows and OS X. Bruce Sharpe and his son Malcolm are the brains behind this amazing piece of software.

And they have more coming….


A simple podcasting workflow

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PodcastingTricks has posted a simple podcasting workflow for those of you looking to get started in podcasting.

It’s not complicated, but does give you some of the basics to get started as a podcaster.

It starts with hitting Record


September 19, 2006

Boing Boing gets a Podcast

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Monster blog Boing Boing has launched a podcast:

This week’s guest was the incomparable Mr Jalopy of the Hoopty Rides blog. Mr Jalopy is an incredible craphound and gearhead, a talented yard-saler, maker, and hot-rodder. In this ‘cast, Mr Jalopy discusses his new book, his philosophy of yard sales, and the relative value of Yu-Gi-Oh cards versus Hot Cheetos.

Their intent is to have a weekly podcast covering the best of Boing Boing’s content each week.. should be a good listen..

The podcast, of course, is called Boing Boing Boing


September 7, 2006

Michael Arrington interviews Tucows CEO Elliot Noss

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TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington has a podcast interview up with Tucows CEO Elliot Noss about their acquisition of Kiko.


September 4, 2006

Ozone 3 for Podcasting

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O’Reilly’s Scott Bourne takes a look at Izotope’s Ozone 3 as a podcasting tool:

I ran a podcast that was otherwise mixed and ready to go through the ProTools Normalize plug in and then again through the Ozone 3 Loudness Maximizer Plug-in. There’€™s no comparison. The Ozone 3 treatment gave me a fuller, bigger sound.

I’ve tried the demo of Ozone 3 and am not sure that this is something that I need to use.. yet.. We’ve got alot of hardware in our input stream, including a gate/compressor and an Aphex 204 Aural Processor w/ Big Bottom so we’re getting a pretty strong sound on our recordings…

But if you’d rather invest in some software over alot of hardware, this might be a good solution for you. It will work with free audio tool Audacity through the VST plugin options..


August 27, 2006

PodCamp Boston

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We’ve signed up as a sponsor for PodCamp Boston, which is being held September 9th – 10th at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, Massachusetts.

If you’re interested in attending this FREE conference, visit the official PodCamp Boston page.

We’ll also be featuring PodCamp Boston co-founder Chris Brogan on an upcoming edition of The Blog Herald Podcast.

We’re also looking for someone that is planning on attending podcamp to liveblog the event at The Blog Herald. Interested? Drop us a note at jobs [at] blogmedia [dot] biz.

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August 26, 2006

The Blog Herald Podcasting Rig

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Our first two podcasts were recorded using a simple noise canceling headsetup plugging into the line in jack on our Dell XPS computer.. and we quickly learned that this setup sounded horrible. So we did some research over at Podcast Rigs and settled on something fairly similar to their Basic Rig for in-studio podcasting…

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