5 Top Earning Blogs to Inspire You


While practically all sites that offer blogging tips tell you not to focus too much on the money, I think it is safe to say that many a starting blogger can’t help but dream of one day being part of that elite group of top earning web sites.



Dreaming is one thing. Execution is another.

While it is true that monetization shouldn’t be the main/sole purpose of an online publication, we cannot deny that it is part of the package. If you agree, and you’re working your bum off to succeed in this business, here are five top earning blogs that will inspire you. The chances are you have heard about them. You may even read them on a regular basis.

Now take a closer look, and see what you can learn from them. [Read more…]

Top Five Tips to Get on Popular Bloggers’ Radar

Popular Bloggers

Popular Bloggers

Popular bloggers can be a great inspiration, and good people to learn from. They have built a successful business around a typically simple idea, and have an active community of loyal supporters. Getting on the radar of anyone with some sort of notoriety, is no easy task. The reality is, most people completely blow it. They try too hard, come off as a stalker, or maybe ask for way too many favors..

Now, you might be thinking: why should I care about getting on the radar of popular bloggers? Well, first things first, you do not have to be interested. However, if you are active in the blogging world, and understand the value of networking, it can open doors to new opportunities. You can get access to their audience through opportunities like guest posting, for example. Most importantly though, you can forge a new relationship, which in of itself can be priceless.

Stop Being Generic

Every blog has its generic comments. “Great thoughts!,” “Really enjoyed this post!,” “Thanks for sharing!,” and the list goes on. These comments do nothing more than to serve as filler. They do not really add any value to the discussion, and do not drive discussion. To really stand out, move beyond the generic, and truly give your two cents. Also, do not be afraid to disagree. Disagreeing is a good thing, and makes conversations a heck of a lot more interesting. [Read more…]