JustMigrate Moves Posterous Accounts To Tumblr


With Posterous officially shutting down on April 30 the team at 3Crumbs has launched JustMigrate.com. The platform makes it simple for Posterous account holders to move their posts over to a new or existing Tumblr page.

JustMigrate is a simple program, just type in your Posterous URL, authorize the URL with Tumblr and allow JustMigrate.com to work its magic.

Users with multiple Tumblr accounts will be asked ahead of time to choose the proper Tumblr location for the new migration.  [Read more…]

Twitter Enters Blogging Platform Space, Acquires Posterous

Twitter Posterous

Twitter PosterousTwitter has just made a major leap forward in blogging by purchase Posterour, a blogging platform that came out of a 2008 Y Combinator sponsorship.

The platform operates just like WordPress and Tumblr by allowing users to create free blogging accounts which they can then use to post stuff on their “Spaces.”

Posterous has focused on “ease of use” which means an 8-year-old or an 80-year-old can literally figure out the system in no time at all.

On the Twitter blog the acquisition appears to be more of a talent buy:

“Posterous engineers, product managers and others will join our teams working on several key initiatives that will make Twitter even better.” [Read more…]

Posterous: Email Blogging In Hostile Nations Can Save Your Political Life

Known mostly for their email everything approach when it comes to blogging, Posterous has published some excellent advice for bloggers living in a hostile country.

With Twitter and Facebook now shut down in Egypt to quell government protests, email is the only reliable sharing platform left.

Same story in China.  If you’re living or traveling there, email posting via Posterous Sites or Groups is the only way to get videos and photos to your Posterous site and reposted to Twitter and Facebook. (Official Posterous Blog)

For bloggers traveling through (or even residing in) a hostile nation, establishing a Posterous account might be something to consider as you can use the platform to auto post upon numerous platforms (which is useful if your government decides to DDoS your blog).

For those of you who prefer other platforms like Blogger, WordPress.com, or Tumblr, you can configure your blog for email posting which will allow you to easily publish text as well as images (note: with the latter two you can also post videos as well).

Self hosting WordPress fans can install the Post Via Email plugin to achieve something similar, although if anyone knows any other plugins (that are up to date) feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

Posterous Embraces Android (But Only Upon Select Phones?)


Fans of Google’s green robot can now rejoice as the long awaited official Posterous Android app is now live upon Android Market.

Posterous for Android makes posting and sharing your life as simple as a few taps. Now you can send in photos, a video or a couple of paragraphs directly from your Android device. […]

Android 1.0 is a big step for Posterous, but it’s only our first. We’ll continue to add to our supported device list over time.  Stay tuned for new releases that leverage the full power of the Android platform including Taskbar notifications and Android Live Folders.  We’ll also be adding additional file type support, an improved reading experience and full commenting. (Official Posterous Blog)

Believe it or not this is Posterous’s third mobile app, as the company has previously created two official iPhone apps (PicPosterous and Posterous, the latter which is similar to its Android brother).

The company is also planning on releasing a Blackberry app as well in order to compete against WordPress and Tumblr (who both have apps across all three major mobile OS’s).

While it’s great to see Posterous embracing Android, unfortunately the app only officially supports nine Android smartphones which means that a few of my friends and family will (in theory) be unable to use the device (although I’m sure they’ll figure away around the issue).

There is no word on whether the startup will consider embracing Nokia or Windows Phone 7 in the future, although Androids embrace does place the startup ahead of rivals like Typepad and Squarespace (the latter who is still working on their Android app).

Posterous To Challenge WordPress, Tumblr On Android

After debuting their second iPhone app in October, the Posterous team is now preparing to invade the Android arena with a brand new mobile app.

In a post highlighting the inclusion of drafts as well as auto save in a brand new iOS update, the Posterous team not only mentioned their pending courtship of Android, but the need for a few brave volunteers.

And with this release, your posts are now automatically saved as you write them. When an unexpected crash happens, you can just pick up right where you left off.

Last but not least, we’re happy to share that Android love is coming soon. We’re looking for Android beta testers. (Official Posterous Blog)

Note: Emphasis mine.

Unlike iOS which boasts over half a dozen official apps, thus far Android has only been courted by WordPress, Tumblr and (in the semi-distant future) Squarespace.

Posterous’s entrance upon Android could help the company not only expose more users to its innovative platform, but also convince new users to make Posterous their default blogging client (as the service can auto post to a variety of social networks and blog platforms).

There is still no word on when the Android app will appear, although hopefully we will see one live upon Android Market before Christmas.

Posterous Answers Pleas (Draft Saving Now Included)

After receiving numerous requests from their fans, it looks like the Posterous team has finally empowered users with the ability to save drafts within their blogs.

Posting isn’t always spontaneous and wireless connections can be wonky.  Today, we’re releasing drafts so you can save your work for later and prevent lost posts.

To create a draft of your post, just hit the Save button from within our Web Editor.  You can publish a draft by clicking on the Publish button – your post will be autoposted as normal according to your settings. […]

You can share the draft with friends by sending them the link.  If you are part of a group site, all your contributors can see your draft when they login, but only you and your site’s admin can edit and publish your draft. (Official Posterous Blog)

Truth be told Posterous’s previous lack of drafts was puzzling (especially when you considered the fact that they supported scheduled posting), although this minor oversight should help make the platform much more appealing against rivals.

Posterous is also planning on rolling out the ability to save drafts for their iPhone app (which desperately needs this!), although as of right now there is no word on whether they will also consider rolling out scheduled posting for iOS fans as well.

Posterous For iPhone: The Good, The Bad And The Awesome


Known mostly for challenging the status quo as well as rescuing users from less than trustworthy platforms, Posterous has decided to re-enter the iWars by launching a new iPhone app sporting their corporate name.

Effortless sharing from your iPhone has arrived with the new Posterous iPhone app.  If you are looking for a fun and simple way to update friends and family while you’re on-the-go, the Posterous iPhone app is for you.

Just touch post, add any combination of text, photos or videos and you’re ready to post.  You can add tags, share your geotag location or even mark a post as private straight from the app. (Official Posterous Blog)

Unlike their first iPhone app (entitled PicPosterous which oddly is still listed upon the app store), Posterous for iPhone allows users to sign up to the service right from the app, as well as create new blogs directly from the iPhone without the need of a notebook or PC. [Read more…]

Posterous Ponders Blackberry App


It looks like WordPress and Tumblr may “soon” face some mobile competition on the Blackberry front, respectively, as Posterous has just tweeted that they are seriously considering a Blackberry app.

@posterous is there a (free) app for blackberry users to use posterous? (via @HWY)

@hwy No, not yet. We are planning to add more apps soon, but for the next few months, you’ll have to email [email protected] from your BB (via @Posterous)

Even though Posterous has an iPhone app by the name of PicPosterous (that truth be told is rather lacking when compared against Tumblr for iPhone), their lack of mobile presence elsewhere is rather puzzling in the age of smartphones.

Although it’s assumed that the company will probably release an Android app, hopefully the Posterous team can focus on providing more features such as comment moderation, social sharing options (think Hellotxt) and the ability to upload multiple videos and photos in a single post.

Currently users can simply email virtually anything to their Posterous account (such as video, audio, excel files, etc.), although a decent smartphone app upon Blackberry, Android and iPhone could help propel Posterous ahead of its rivals (especially if users can upload anything to their blog from within the app).

Is Posterous Being Targeted By Hackers?

After launching their switch to Posterous campaign, it looks like Posterous has encountered its first “speed bump” on the path towards success which unfortunately disabled the site for a brief amount of time.

Today, from 1:41pm until shortly before 3p pacific time, we had an unscheduled and unplanned outage due to a denial of service (DoS) attack on our core load-balancing servers. That basically means that we were flooded with malicious amounts traffic our upstream providers were unable to handle, and we couldn’t respond to the requests of real users. During this time, all Posterous-hosted sites were out.

Since that time, we have brought up a new load balancer on a new address to try to evade the attack. For most people who use a .posterous.com address for their site, this means that your site should be back up shortly, if it’s not already. However, if you use a custom domain for your Posterous site, you are still pointed to our old address, which remains under attack. (Official Posterous Blog)

While Posterous’s new address will help the site stay online, the company may want to investigate where this attack is coming from, as the DoS hackers could be targeting a few users who are speaking out against hostile regimes.

Hack attacks aside, Posterous is quickly gaining fame within the tech industry, having recently partnered with Pulse in an attempt to help make news more social.

Hopefully the Posterous crew can quickly find a way to thwart these childish attempts to silence their users, although for now its good to see that the platform is back online.

TwitPic Pulls A Facebook, Bans Posterous


Whether you love them or hate them, it looks as if Posterous has angered yet another company, albeit for the right reasons this time.

In their attempt to liberate the twitterverse from having their images permanently hosted upon TwitPic which they announced earlier today.

A picture is worth 1,000 words.  Or 3 tweets, 2 blog posts and 4 status updates.  Which is why it’s important to keep your photos in a place that truly belongs to you.

We’ve had numerous users ask us to help them find a new home for their photos, and today we are announcing new tools to help move your photos from TwitPic to Posterous.

With Posterous, not only can you customize the look and feel of your site, you can also manage all your comments in one place. (Official Posterous Blog)

Unlike Ning, Xanga, Vox and Tumblr who all for the most part publicly ignored Posterous’s public challenge, TwitPic fired back by blocking Posterous’s servers from importing any more images off of the once favored tweet picture site (at least it will be when news of this spreads). [Read more…]