President Obama’s Inauguration Will Feature Its Own Mobile App

Presidential Inauguration App

Presidential Inauguration App

When President Obama is inaugurated for the second time on January 21, 2013 his inauguration will be met with the release of both iOS and Android apps.

The new apps were launched on Tuesday by the Presidential Inaugural Committee and feature several useful functions including a schedule of events and SMS texts for up to the minute proceedings alerts.

The new presidential inauguration will also be updated with photos and videos from Obama’s social media accounts.  [Read more…]

Barack Obama Celebration Photo Becomes ‘Most Liked’ In Facebook History, Also Sets Twitter Record

Obama Photo

Obama PhotoPresident Barack Obama celebrated his victory on Tuesday night by sharing a photograph on his Facebook page. That photo which features the President in a warm embrace with First Lady Michelle Obama has quickly become the “most liked” photograph in the history of Facebook.

Under his photo was the simple caption “four more years.”

The Facebook page Facebook + Journalists revealed the new record at approximately 3 a.m. ET. According to the group:

 “With more than 2.1 million likes, this Barack Obama photo is the most-liked Facebook photo of all time.” [Read more…]

Obama And Romney: Social Media Battle For The Presidency [Infographic]

Obama Vs Romney Infographic

Obama TweetsIn 2008 President Barack Obama used social media to help spread his grassroots campaign while raising hundreds of millions in donations. Now as the 2012 Presidential election heats up Obama is not alone in his use of social networking and in many cases Mitt Romney has actually taken the lead.

The team at PeekAnalytics has created an infographic that highlights the comparisons between Obama and Romney’s social networking numbers.

Romney leads Obama with 92% of American’s leaving positive messages about Romney compared to 90% for Obama, while women leave more favorable tweets for the President (43%) to Romney (32%).

The study also found that Pro-Romney supporters tend to be younger and have more money than pro-Obama supports.  [Read more…]

Obama 2012: “Dashboard” App Revealed For Social Media Campaigning

President Obama Campaigning Tool

President Obama Campaigning ToolIn 2008 President Obama launched the most successful online campaign in the history of US politics and now as team Obama gears up for their 2012 re-election challenge they have announced an even more robust campaign that offers its own set of social media campaign tools.

Known as “Dashboard” the new platform offers almost everything a brick-and-mortar campaign office offers but in digital form. For example specialized tools will allow helpers to make calls to recruit other to join the team while organizing campaign events and even communicating with Obama’s leadership team. The platform can be access from desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone devices which makes grassroots campaigns more mobile than ever.

The Dashboard design is similar to Facebook’s interface and brings with it social media driven metrics reports.

Users will also be able to find Obama supporting groups to join in their area.

The Dashboard app however isn’t just for local users, the staff for Obama’s administration will be able to set specific goals for individual Obama supports while tracking their success rates. Groups will then be able to engage in and compete in a friendly competition with one another.  [Read more…]

President Obama Starts #Compromise Twitter Campaign, Loses 37,000 Followers

Barack Obama Compromise Tweet User Loss

President ObamaPresident Obama on Friday asked his 9 million Twitter followers to contact their Republican Congressmen to “ask them to support a bipartisan solution to the deficit crisis” and because of his “#compromise” campaign the President quickly lost more than 37,000 Twitter followers.

According to NM Incite the #compromise tag was used more than 22,000 times and was seen by 36 million Twitter users by 5 p.m. ET on Friday, while the President himself was mentioned in 28,000 tweets.

Of the 28,000 Tweets to the President only 13% showed negative criticism of his call for a bipartisan debt ceiling bill, yet he lost some 37,000 users.

Here’s a progress chart that shows how quickly the President was losing supporters: [Read more…]

President Obama Heading To Facebook Town Hall Meeting

Facebook - President Obama Event Page for Town Hall Meeting

Facebook - President Obama Event Page for Town Hall MeetingPresident Barack Obama is meeting with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, company COO Sheryl Sandberg and the rest of their brood on April 20.

The President will be making a special appearance at 1:45PM PST and Facebook will live stream the “town hall” meeting while hosting 3,400 attendees.

As part of the event, online visitors are being asked to submit their questions for the President as part of his appearance. Users are asked to submit questions about the economy and innovation through the event’s Facebook page.

At this time hundreds of questions are rolling in, however the questions President Obama will answer will not be revealed until the Town Hall meetings live airing.

Will you be attending the online version of the meeting? You can check out the event page HERE.

President Obama Uses Facebook To Combat Bullying With Exclusive Video

President Obama Facebook Page

President Obama Facebook PageWith new cases of bullying grabbing national headlines in what appears to be a weekly news ritual, President Obama has decided to take a moment to send a message that it’s not okay to bully and he has chosen to use Facebook to deliver that message alongside first lady Michelle Obama.

In an exclusive Facebook video, President Obama has released a special promotional video that talks about the White House Conference on Bullying Prevention which is scheduled to take place on Thursday.

The President at times tries to keep the conversation light but on point, telling viewers he won’t bug them for a friends request but that while “This isn’t an issue that makes headlines every day, but it affects every single young person in our country.”

President Obama also talks about how bullying has increased in reach with cyber-bullying entering every aspect of life from school, to home, to phone to internet.

The partnership between Facebook and the White House makes sense as both organizations have tried their best to combat the growing issue of cyber-bullying, including a “safety page” and “safety center” being setup on the world’s largest social network, while the White House offers “” [Read more…]