Eskimo Marketing Goes to the Blogs: Using the Blogosphere to Market Difficult Products


It’s not uncommon for it to take time for even good, useful products to click with consumers. Creative marketing can help; however, certain unusual products may make an advertiser’s job difficult. Marketing ice to an Eskimo is a classic example cited in the marketing world to describe the often tricky task of marketing strange, embarrassing, or difficult products. Promoting these products in print and television can sometimes create unique challenges because of the limitations of those traditional media forms, but marketing via blogs can help make the process easier.

A Word on Marketing Difficult Products, in General

Marketing personal hygiene products isn’t easy. Take tampons and sanitary napkins, for example. The traditional approach to marketing feminine hygiene products has been to avoid a real discussion of the product and, instead, to only vaguely allude to helping women deal with “that time of the month.” The same can be said for adult diapers. Advertisements for these protective undergarments generally address the situation from a serious, medical perspective, referring to “incontinence” and “urological problems.” The makers of other embarrassing products, such as erectile dysfunction medication, have taken a similar approach in their television advertisements. These spots don’t mention sex or explain what “erectile dysfunction” is; instead, they often display scenes of older, active couples enjoying the outdoors and refer to the condition in serious, medical terms.   [Read more…]