The Types of People Who Read My Blog

These are the folks reading my blog. Let me know if your experience varies.

EGOMANIACS: Friends, acquaintances – dare I say enemies – who want to see if I’m writing about them. They also want to get the inside track on what I’m up to for their own personal gain.

COMPETITION: They visit the blog to see what I’m covering since they desperately lack creativity.

These folks feel like they ‘know me.’ They comment on every post, send e-mails with leads and can be considered ‘#1’ fans. It’s nice…but a little scary.

ANONYMOUS: They come, they go. If they return, it will likely be by accident.

This person stops by every few weeks. They’ll occasionally comment. They like your blog, but not enough to visit every day or become actively involved.

IP LOOKUP FREAK: Just because you attended fourth grade with someone apparently gives them license to ‘find you.’ They search high and low, discovering your blog while making a concerted effort to find you.

GOLDILOCKS: In my opinion, the best of the bunch. This reader is not too hot, not too cold; they maintain a nice balance. They pledge their allegiance to your blog but have a life beyond it.

Any other reader types you’ve experienced?

Hello Magazine gives readers blogging opportunity

Celebrity-watching Hello Magazine Online is giving readers the opportunity to blog for the magazine.

Anyone who is “articulate, opinionated and itching to share [their] thoughts about the lives of the rich and famous” can apply to become an official blogger.

In an interview with the Online Journalism Blog, Online Marketing Manager David Witcomb talked about the details. [Read more…]

Help Blog Readers Keep Up With You

I’m a fan of Groklaw, but like any long-running soap opera, I tune out for weeks – okay, months – at a time and then check back in. I love the copyright news and litigation insider bits, but sometimes, unlike an ongoing soap opera, I don’t know what is being talked about. I can’t catch up.

Lately, there have been a lot of coverage dealing with SCO, IBM, and Novell. Two of the three I know, but the fourth I don’t recognize. Even if I knew all three of the acronyms, I don’t know enough of the story to follow the current blog posts.

In the legal world of who did what to whom and why, I’m trying to catch up. Why?

That’s what I keep asking myself.

A blog is a chronological vehicle of expression as well as communication. The most recent post may be the latest in a long back story that can go back for days, weeks, months, even years. However, I just landed here. I need to get caught up fast!

Which begs the question:

Is it my responsibility, as the reader, to keep up with the story, or should the blogger play a role in helping bring me up to speed? [Read more…]

Unannounced Blogging Hiatus

I’m back after a three-week bout of NoBloggingitis (be careful, it might be contagious). I never intended not to blog. Simply put, life just got in the way. The big event in my life was selling my place and moving into a new one. While I expected it to be stressful, I figured I’d be able to find the time to blog. It never happened.

Blogs where I merely contribute, I didn’t expect to be ‘missed.’ However I was pleasantly surprised by the number of e-mails I received from regular readers over at Jobacle. From wondering if something was wrong to asking if I’d been ‘blinded by Kabbalah and dating Madonna,’ it felt very good to be missed.

But it also taught me a valuable lesson. One that all bloggers know but occasionally need to be reminded of:

Communicate with your readers.

I should have tipped off my loyal visitors that things might be slow for awhile. Sure, that’s what RSS readers are for. But I truly felt that there were folks who missed daily content. As a blogger, you have the ability to become part of a person’s daily routine. That’s pretty special, and it’s something I’ll never take for granted again!