How Instablogs Is Tackling The Recession

I’m one of those people who think that a recession should be viewed as an opportunity to build, rather than being dreaded and met with downsizing. When times are hard, build on a budget. I’m happy to learn that Instablogs are doing just that, and CEO Ankit Maheshwari is open about it in a blog post on how they’re dealing with the financial climate. You should read it, both for the insight into Instablogs, and to give you some ideas on what you can do to continue your momentum during hard times. They obviously have:

Today we have over 50,000 registered members, 600 Citizen Journalists, 75 bloggers, 15 country editors, full time staff of over 40 people in 15 different countries and readership of around 6 million pageviews per month.

Other tidbits from the post include increased pageviews, and how they’ve been able to use the recession to get more perks or save money when negotiating contracts.

Gawker Media’s February: Really Good Actually

Blog network Gawker Media apparently had a great February, up as much as a fifth from last year, according to a leaked email from Nick Denton to the staff. Denton naturally doesn’t want to get overly optimistic, especially since he’s made so many changes the last few months to his network.

February 2009 wasn’t nearly as dreadful as it could have been. A lot of sites struck traffic records — including io9, Gawker, Deadspin, Jalopnik and Jezebel. In total, we drew 297m pageviews — some 34% over last February’s level and 50% up if you account for the sites we spun off in the meantime. Comments — so much improved in the last year — grew even more rapidly. Now that Defamer has been consolidated under Gawker, we don’t have a single weak site.

It seems like niche is king in these days of economic turmoil.

Has the Recession Changed the Way You Blog?

It’s often said that one of the best ways to keep yourself financially afloat during difficult economic times is by moonlighting while ‘on the clock’ at your full-time job.

Not only do you have the ability to make more money, but you also can fill a creative void that your ‘real’ job does not fill.

Of course this ‘double dipping’ comes with great risk; it could even cost you your job. However, many of you are rolling the dice.

Here at BlogHerald I always like to take the pulse of what my fellow bloggers are thinking. I truly believe the more we can understand one another in this medium, the better we all become.

So let me ask you this: If you blog at work, do you do it for the love or the money? And has the recession changed your blogging habits?

Be honest. Far too often I read comments from bloggers who are quick to point out that a truly successful blogger does it all out of passion. But the cynic in me finds that hard to swallow. While that’s part of the your motivation, I’m willing to bet that 90% of bloggers want to get paid for their work.

Blog Networks in a Tough Economy: Adapt or Starve

b5media Blog Network Team 2007

b5media Blog Network Team 2007

The U.S. and Canada are going through hard economic times. You knew that, right?

And you probably knew that blog networks, like all businesses, thrive or perish according to their ability to respond to changes in the economies in which they operate.

But what you maybe didn’t know is the extent to which the current economic struggles of Canada and the U.S. are affecting the blog networks you visit on a daily basis – Gawker, b5media, Federated Media, Splashpress (which owns this blog) and Weblogs, Inc., to name a few. [Read more…]