WP.com Launches Redesigned Homepage

New WordPress.com homepage design

WordPress.com launched today a redesigned homepage. The new style is much more visual and uses thumbnails to display random content published by the WordPress community users.

The first thumbnail prominently displays today’s statistics for the platform. The redesign comes only days after WordPress.com published its stats wrap-up for July 2009.

New WordPress.com homepage design

How do you like the redesign? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Twitter Gets a New Front Page


newtwittercomsplash.jpgTwitter just rolled out their new front page, which was known to come. I’m a bit ambivalent about it, mainly because it seems to follow all of the design trends out there at the moment.

Anyway, the new front page features search from the front as well as a selection of trending topics, which is good. The reason for this is, well, I’ll let Biz Stone tell it himself:

However, demonstrating the power of Twitter as a discovery engine for what is happening right now through our Search and Trends often awakens a sense of wonder which inevitably leads to a much more compelling question, “How do I get involved?”

So what’s the verdict? [Read more…]

Envato Relaunches Creattica With FaveUp

Envato still doesn’t seem to even consider slowing down, and the launch of the Creattica front page, which actually is an old thingy getting new love.

The new site is in fact a redesign and repurposing of our venerable FaveUp gallery that was in need of a bit of love and attention. So we’ve ported all the old content over to give the new site a flying start in its new super suit of Creattica awesomeness!

Check it out, and read the redesign post for more, such as hints on other redesigns due soon, among those FreelanceSwitch.

Facebook Tunes New Design, Too Soon?

FacebookDon’t mess with my Facebook! That’s the gist of the user outrage that followed the Facebook redesign. And now Facebook is accommodating this by outlining changes, updates, and fine-tuning. Some things are undoubtedly good, like the real-time updating of the activity stream, while others might or might not prove to be a solid move. I won’t review proposed updates to a site, but I will say that site owners should beware of reverting too much to users’ requests. It’s always a good thing to listen to the users, and take criticism (good and bad) to heart, but one should always remember that most users view change as something bad, out of habit.

In other words: You might have a brilliant new concept, but if you don’t give the users the chance to realize it, and just reverts back to what they’re used to, you’ll never know. This might or might not be the case when it comes to the Facebook design, I don’t know and I’m not the target audience or user either, but I’m just saying.

Did Facebook turn around to fast? Share in the comments.

Vote App Lets Facebook Users Express Their Outrage


I’m not the right person to judge the new Facebook design because I find the social network utterly boring, and the only reason I even reactivated my account was to get in touch with people addicted to the service. I will say that the previous design was cluttered, while this one is nicer on the eye. That is, however, not the most important thing when it comes to app-like services and sites like Facebook, and a lot of users dislike the new design.

A new Facebook application, called New Layout Vote, lets you vote on the new design. These are disheartening numbers for Zuckerberg & Co., because as of now, some 900,911 users have voted and the score is a whopping 94% against the new design. As in don’t like it. The app will break 1 million in a few hours time, if the increase in votes right now is anything to go by.

More on Techmeme, of course.

So what do you think about the (fairly) new Facebook design?

Phase 2 of The Blog Herald Design Upgrade

The phase 1 post is here. If you’re reading this in a feed reader, do visit blogherald.com and take a look at the design upgrade.

As you can tell, the site just got upgraded again. You might want to make sure you don’t see cached stuff right now, by reloading the page (Ctril+R or Ctrl+F5 in Windows, Cmd+R in OS X). If things look weird, you might need to close your web browser, or clear your cache any other way.

Right, so what’s new in this second phase of the Blog Herald design upgrade? [Read more…]

Phase 1 of The Blog Herald Design Upgrade

You might’ve noticed that things are looking a bit different here today. If not, then you’re probably reading in your RSS reader (please visit the site) or need to clear your web browser cache (Ctrl+F5 in Windows or Cmd+R in OS X usually does it).

So what’s new in this upgrade?

  • Three headline posts on the front page.
  • Popular series graphic pushed to the right of the headlines.
  • Wider content columns, perhaps not ideal for reading (fine-tuning will follow), but great for images.
  • Sidebar cleanup.
  • The hot topic tag listings have moved from top left, to the sidebar.

[Read more…]

TechCrunch Forgets Green; Goes White Instead

It’s not every day that a blog that writes about blogs gets written up on a blog writing about blogs. Such is the case right here, right now, when it comes to the TechCrunch redesign.

The gang over TC, who obsessively profile and review new Internet products and companies, have cleaned up their image with a new look. As with most redesigns, the spin is to improve navigation and increase ‘readability.’ However, only a fool would look past the real reason: to sell advertising. And you can’t really fault a business (yes, it’s a blog – but it’s big business) for optimizing ad space.

I’m undecided on the new design. Quite honestly, I need to give myself a few days to adapt before I can share my thoughts. My initial reaction is that it’s almost TOO ‘clean.’ I understand the power of white space, but the site’s header is so bare, that a new reader might have no clue what a tremendous force TC is.

Google and Apple have made white en vogue, but I’m not sold. There’s a fine line between ‘clean and simple’ and just looking like you were too lazy to hire a talented designer.

I’m on the fence with the new TechCrunch look. What do you think?

Facebook Redesign: Who Cares?

Not too many, it would seem. Silicon Alley Insider counts some 38,000 people being unhappy enough with the new Facebook design to join a group. That’s nothing, when thinking about the fact that there are some 90 million or something users… And no Beacon controversy hitting the media wires either. Fun post though, speaking of redesigns and all.

The Blog Herald Relaunches

The Blog Herald beta

As you’ve probably seen, The Blog Herald doesn’t look they way it used to. This is intentional, luckily, and part of our efforts to get better at everything. That’s the goal after all, so let’s be frank about it.

I mentioned the relaunch with a new design when I took over as the editor a few months back. I would’ve wanted to do it sooner, but you can’t get everything you want, and besides, the poor designer’s schedule was really full. Being my schedule, I did the design, and I hope you like it.

So let’s talk a little bit about the relaunch, shall we? [Read more…]