Iranian Blogger Dies In Prison


Global Voices report the sad news that Iranian blogger Omid Reza Mir Sayafi has died in prison.

Omid Reza Mir Sayafi, who had been sentenced to 30 months prison for insulting Islamic Republic Leaders last month, died in prsion today. Human Rights Activists in Iran site says[fa] the reason for his death has not been announced but he was in very bad psychological condition.

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World’s Best Blog is from Cuba

Deutsche Welle’s The BOBs is over, and according to them, the best weblog is Generación Y, a Cuban blog in Spanish authored by Yoani Sanchez. Russian Radio Grinch received the price for best podcast, and 4equality (in Persian) got the Reporters Without Borders price.

Placed under house arrest, Zeng Jinyan describes her life under constant surveillance by the Chinese authorities. The Persian Weblog 4equality is working to gather 1 million signatures on a petition for women’s rights in Iran. The Sunlight Foundation’s Party Blog, which exposes what groups and companies sponsor fundraising events for US politicians, won the Best Weblog English award.

Check out all the winners over at The BOBs site.