Philippines Celebrates Blog Awards: Shaking Complacency


The Philippines celebrated its first leg of the third Philippine Blog Awards last year. As the country is physically divided due to the nature of its terrain (7,000+ islands) the awards was split into three regions to give context to cultural influences of every region. Radio host and an advocate for youth volunteer efforts, Gang Badoy was invited to deliver the keynote for this year. The past two months in Manila have been emotional for most, with murders, epic floods and typhoons and the upcoming elections turning bloggers more and more vigilant.


What an honor and a frustration to be given ten minutes to address, perhaps (arguably) the most eloquent group of people ever gathered in 2009. But here I am, so here I go.

I cannot discuss any other ‘angle on blogging’ tonight except my gratitude to bloggers. During a crisis- you have kept many of us informed, during darker times – you, blogger have inspired, during births – you spread the joy and during death – many of you have rendered those who have gone before us immortal. There is no single phenomenon that has done all those in such a level.

Your personal thoughts, observations, factual research even urgent yet seemingly trivial emotions have contributed greatly to us who read you. Imagine how wide the understanding of the next generation will be of us who have gone before them -because of your blogs. Mas maiintindihan nila kung saan tayo nanggaling (They will be able to better understand where we came from). For me the best description of one who loves his country is someone who is interested in where we came from, where we are today – and where we want the country to go. Imagine the advantage the next generation has because they have our blogs to refer to. [Read more…]