iNews: The Bug Free gReader iPhone App


Of all of the iPhone apps that I have purchased, beta tested, or inherited from Apple, iNews is probably the first bug free app that I have encountered.

Created by Gudang Data Informatika (from Indonesia), iNews is yet another gReader app that follows the “keep it simple” mentality, sporting bare bone features such as starring articles, landscape mode and emailing your favorite posts to your friends.

Even though the app was not as powerful as Byline (or even the mighty Feeds app), iNews did have a few features that I did enjoy. [Read more…]

The Doppler Effect (Google Reader Meets iPhone)



Important Note: This review is based upon Doppler, which has yet to receive Steve Jobs blessing. The current (approved) version is 1.4.1.

After appearing on the scene last year, the Doppler iPhone app has continued to refine itself over time, implementing features that may end up being duplicated by the competition.

Created by DopplerRadio, this iPhone app sports not only the basics (such as landscape mode, counter icon tag, the ability to star/favorite articles, etc.) but also a few extra items that I found lacking in some of its larger rivals. [Read more…]

Byline 2.0: The iPhone App For Google Reader Freaks


Among the dozen plus iPhone RSS apps out there, Byline (an iPhone app developed by Phantom Fish) separates itself from the pack in two ways: its steep price (at $10) and its ability to flawlessly sync with Google Reader.

(Update: Milo of Phantom Fish contacted me with some good news regarding the price. See the bottom of the post for details.)

While version 1.0 left me underwhelmed (and $10 poorer), Byline 2.0 (which is currently awaiting Apple’s approval) pretty much destroyed every reason for me to even keep the Google Reader web app on my home screen–or even consider defecting towards the competition. [Read more…]