Another Day, Another World Leader Joins Twitter


It looks like another head of state has joined the Twitterverse, although unlike Hugo Chavez this President actually has some political clout (probably due to his access of nuclear weapons).

[W]e are honored today that President Medvedev of Russia stopped by our office for a brief tour and his inaugural Tweet.

It was incredibly generous of the President to stop by with such a busy schedule. Recognizing the power of new technology and learning to leverage it to advance humanity in positive and meaningful ways is a powerful display of leadership. It was a great chance for us to share our passionate belief that the open exchange of information can have a positive global impact. (Official Twitter Blog) [Read more…]

Blogger Arrested for Pneumonic Plague Rumors


handcuffsA medical student has been arrested in southern Russia for allegedly starting rumors that pneumonic plague, a deadly infection that can be transferred between humans, would cause the city of Saratov (POP: 800,000+) to be quarantined.

The 22-year-old blogging medical student, Ivan Peregorodiev, was publicly questioning the 17 confirmed swine flu deaths in the area, wondering ‘aloud’ if the diagnosis was correct. [Read more…]

Why Bloggers Don’t Care About The Russian/Georgian Conflict

There are a lot of reasons most tech/web 2.0 bloggers don’t cover international crisis. Many of them are to buried in there own startups to notice a conflict half way across the globe.

Secondarily it doesn’t have much influence on things that are far more important here at home. Like the price of oil at the pump, the mortgage crisis, or a new iP…

Yep it is an illegal crisis. But when its far easier to sit back and enjoy the Olympics and blog about that. Why in the world would bloggers care to shed some outcry over a bully invading another country illegally, even if they were provoked.

Thirdly, The US will never get into a massive conflict with Russia especially when Russia clearly wants Georgian Petrol Access I mean seriously what Russia is doing merely parallels what we did in Iraq. So it is kind of hypocritical for the US to criticize Russia when we still have a bundle of peace loving troops on the ground in someone else´s backyard.