Pirate Bay SOLD, goes the social media route

News as it is, the blogosphere has reported the sale of Pirate Bay, controversial for being a haven for multimedia torrents shared by the world. In a blog post written today, the founders expressed how thoughts about bringing new people into the “organization” was something they’d been hoping to do for some time. More importantly, they are pretty much aware of the ramifications of going into this partnership:

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Gawker’s Consumerist.com bought by Consumers Union

While many of us were eating, drinking and “Auld Lang Syne-ing” over the past week or so, Consumers Union has been busy securing a deal with Gawker Media to acquire Consumerist.com.

The non-profit publisher of Consumer Reports is bringing its independent, unbiased publishing policy to the site; from today, Consumerist.com will no longer carry ads.

President and CEO of Consumers Union, Jim Guest, spoke of his delight in adding such a vibrant site to its portfolio of information products. It’s most definitely a case of well-established traditional media taking on hugely popular new media – over 70 years of publishing buying out a three-year-old boasting around ten million monthly page views. [Read more…]

Shiny Media to sell off hard-to-monetize football blogs

UK blog network Shiny Media has officially announced that it will no longer be regularly updating its Who Ate All the Pies English football blog, and is actively looking for a buyer.

Several of Shiny’s other sports blogs have been retired over the past year, with the main reasons being the difficulty of monetizing them, when compared to Shiny’s core technology- and fashion-related sites, and various administrative strains. [Read more…]

Insult to Readers? Twitter Profile for Sale.

As blogs and social network profiles continue to grow in value – and I’m talking cash/money – the chance that your favorite Web destination will change hands has grown dramatically.

Whether it’s a publicity stunt or not, Techcrunch is reporting that Rocketboom founder Andrew Baron has put his Twitter profile up for sale.

Here’s his explanation on parting with the 1,400 follower-account:

I really love my Twitter account but I feel like I haven’t been using it the way I want to. Quite honestly, I feel sorry for all of my followers because they wind up with my tweets in their timelines and I haven’t been able to utilize the medium the way I want to. I also participate in another Twitter account over on Rocketboom so I’m thinking I’ll post more over there and start up a new account to do what I want to do next.

It would be silly to just delete this account I have here, especially if there is someone out there that had like interests and had something to say or wanted to get involved in some relevant conversations. In terms of monetary value, I have no expectations or needs at all so I decided not to put a minimum bid on this. Whatever will be, will be.

As of this post, the eBay auction is fetching over $1k.

Personally, I find the whole thing insulting. I hate it enough when my favorite blogs change editorial hands. But to sell a profile or account, that people have chosen to follow, is just weak. I would immediately unsubscribe; and I have a hunch I’m not alone. Hence, making a potential buyer, pay the price.

Now do you feel when a blog/service that you follow changes hands?