Install The WordPress Popup Scheduler Plugin For Better Readers Engagement

Getting your visitors’ attention and encouraging them to interact on your blog is often a hard task. Popups are the obvious choice when it comes to this sort of situation, but you don’t want to annoy your visitors or run them away. This is why the WordPress Popup Scheduler plugin is the ideal choice because it has numerous customization options, which allow you to customize it to suit your needs and be less obtrusive. As you’ll see from the customization options, popups don’t have to be annoying or boring. And this is the reason why we have installed it on our psd to html conversion blog.

Here’s what you can do with the WordPress Popup Scheduler plugin.

When to Show

You can decide when you’d like your popup to appear to your visitors, by choosing one of the following options:

  • When new visitors arrive
  • When visitors return for the (second, third, fourth or fifth) visit
  • Starting from a specific date for a certain number of days or for every few number of days
  • At all times
  • Whenever you make changes to the popup content

Set a Delay

You can have the popup show immediately when a visitor lands on the page or you can delay it for a specific number of seconds. We did that in our business neon signs store because we wanted the users to be able to learn more about the product first. So it’s probably best to wait a few seconds so that your visitors aren’t bombarded as soon as they land on your site. [Read more…]