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July 8, 2009

Read Chris Anderson’s Free! for Free

Chris Anderson’s book Free! is now available for free in online as well as audio book form. read more

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June 12, 2009

Simon & Schuster Enters Scribd Store

I wrote about the Scribd Store and why it could be good for bloggers back in May. Well, that got even more weight today, as AP reports on publisher Simon & Schuster making titles available, and Hachette Book Group might join too.

Good news, because this means that more will turn to the Scribd Store, which in turn makes it easier for bloggers to benefit. We might very well see blog content branch out in the years to come, as spinoff products, not just repackaged for another platform and charged for. That’s as stupid as online newspaper paywalls.

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May 18, 2009

Why The Scribd Store Could Be Good For Bloggers

ScribdMashable writes about the Scribd Store, and it got me thinking. Ebooks is often the logical spinoff product for a blogger, and while it might sound appealing to end up on a Kindle, the chances of that are just ridiculously small at this time. No, if you want to be read on an e-reader of choice that is not in fact a disguised surf tablet, you’ll have to rely on ebooks.

Enter Scribd, the document hosting service that lets you embed docs in all their glory, and their store. If Scribd could built a central place for people to buy ebooks and reports, then that would be a great deal for bloggers. read more

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August 30, 2008

Scribd launches a redesign

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Scribd, a popular document sharing service, has launched a redesign. TechCrunch takes a look:

One of the major changes in the design is a new emphasis on search. Scribd has seen impressive growth since its launch in Spring 2007, and now claims more than 20 million unique visitors monthly. But more than half of that traffic comes from search engines – something that the site would like to change. The new design is intended to make the search function more prominent, encouraging users to turn to Scribd instead of Google or Yahoo when they’d like to find a document. And CEO Trip Adler says that it’s working: while A/B bucket testing the new design, Scribd has seen the number of searches double (the number of uploads increased by 70% as well).

Scribd is a great service for incorporating complex documents into blogs via their widget for posts and other functions.

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